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Terms and Conditions

The Maricopa County Community Colleges Career Centers subscribe to and endorse the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) Principles of Professional Conduct http://naceweb.org/principles, which includes the following criteria:

Must have current or anticipated openings

Must have an employer-employee relationship in which there are no fees associated with becoming an employee of the organization

Must subscribe to the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws established by the United States and Arizona governments The Maricopa Community College District’s Career Centers have established the following additional criteria:

Sales positions must offer an ongoing base salary and not be commission only. We do not permit door-to-door sales positions to be advertised on our campus.

Multi-level Marketing (MLM) organizations and franchising opportunities are not permitted.

No access will be granted to post jobs that put applicants in compromising situations, such as adult entertainment, escort services, presentation modeling or similar activities.

No access will be granted for positions where applicants would be paid per item to complete surveys, click on internet links, or post personal web content.

Employers must abide by the job opportunity information submitted. It is not permitted to recruit for positions other than those positions already approved through the previously identified guidelines."

The Maricopa Community Colleges' Career Centers reserve the right to grant access to employers as deemed appropriate to fit the needs of our various constituencies. Policy involves the review of requests for access to services from all employers for content and suitability. We do not accept postings for positions from any business whose purpose is inconsistent with policies, regulations, or the overall mission of the MCCCD.

I certify that I will abide by the requirements listed above and that I am an official representative of the above-mentioned company.