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 Career Services

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Below you will find many resources to assist you in your career planning, resume writing, networking skills , preparing for an interview and job search efforts.

There are many career sites on the web that offer help and information about every aspect of the job hunting process.


  • Resources & Resumes
  • Job Search
  • Interviews & Networking
  • Salary Negotiations

​General Resources and Resumes


Resumes are critical to a successful job hunt.

The goal of a resume is to get you an interview.

Below are some resources and sites that can help you update your resume and cover letter writing skills.

​Job Search

Many people use online job boards as a way to begin their job search.

Employers typically have to pay to post their positions, so not all jobs will be posted on the Internet, just the same as not all jobs are posted in the newspaper.

Networking Job Search Tips
Tips for Posting Resumes Online
Information for Working on Campus
  • Positions available for eligible students. The shortcut to this page is
  • Temporary positions (non-federal work study) may or may not be available to students due to confidentiality levels. The shortcut to this page is
  • For permanent positions at Chandler-Gilbert Community College visit the Maricopa County Community College District web site.
Off Campus Job Searches
  • This web site posts jobs from local employers who contact any one of the community colleges in Maricopa County.
  • This site searches other job boards. Simply enter your key word(s) and your search criteria and it will show postings from various job boards and companies for you.
  • Glassdoor provides access to over 15 million jobs and internships, over 5+ million salaries, company reviews, and interview questions that companies are asking.
  • Arizona Republic classified ads
  • This site is another mega job search website. Using a few keywords and a location either a city or zip code, job openings are collected and sorted for you. The website also provides an option to create an account and save your searches.
Other Job Searches
  • To search for companies in specific industries, search by industry and location such as, "Environmental Chandler, AZ"
  • To search for companies in specific industries, search by industry and location such as, "Environmental Chandler, AZ"
  • To search for companies in specific industries, search by industry and location such as, "Environmental Chandler, AZ"
Volunteer Opportunities
Chamber of Commerce
  • A Chamber of Commerce is a group of businesses that work to promote the economic strength of their community. Their membership list is a great way to look for potential companies. Many new companies belong to the Chamber of Commerce.
Information on Community Resources

​Interviews & Networking


Preparation is the key to making a good impression in a job interview.  There are a number of web sites that offer tips, sample interview questions and virtual interviews, to assist you with interviewing skills.


Networking is the process of establishing contacts with people who may be able to provide information about different companies and job opportunities.  Networking can greatly increase your chances of finding the right job.

Video Interview Resources
People with Disabilities
Map Directions for an Interview
Special Needs Transportation

​Salary Negotiations and RelocationManagement.jpg

Salary Negotiations

Becoming savvy about salary negotiation can make the difference between earning a good income and a great one.

The cost of living varies widely across the country.  Salary calculators can help to determine the income level you would need in different cities to maintain the same standard of living.


Some careers may require relocation to another city.  For assistance with relocation question and issues, please refer to the sites below.

Salary Negotiation Resources