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 Career Services

How Do I Know What I Want to Be?


  • Career Assessments
  • Personality
  • Skills
  • Veterans
  • Review with Us!

​You may know which career is right for you,
 or you may be undecided

Career assessments may help

They can be used as a source of information to help you confirm your interest in a career or help you identify and explore possibilities. When considering careers, it is important for you to consider your values, personality, interests and skills. Work and life style can also be considered when planning a career. Here are some career assessments that may help you gain knowledge about yourself and explore career possibilities. For more personalized assistance, please visit the Career Services Office.

Look At Your Next Move

What does the future hold for you? Search for career information based on your interests, a job title or through an industry. Find out more about the salaries, job outlook and what is needed to be successful in that career field.

AzCIS College

AzCIS College version provides comprehensive information for students of all ages. College and university students use AzCIS to set career and educational goals, connect majors to the world of work, locate scholarships, prepare to transfer to another institution, and find graduate schools. AzCIS is an important tool for career and educational planning for successful transitions.

Student User Name: chandelrgcc
Student Password:  4Azcis02



​Look At Your Personality

Personality Assessment 1     Personality Assessment 2  

Complete one of the above online personality assessments.
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Learning about your personality type will help you to understand what will motivate you in the workplace. The next step would be to look up your personality type on the following link.

  • Personality Page
    Your Personality type will help you discover the career for you.  A short list of suggested career areas is included.  This exercise will help you to match your interests with careers.

​ Look at Your Skills

  • The Transferable Skills Checklist
    When looking at your skills, you will be able to look beyond mere job titles to see what activities are important to you in the workplace.

  • Job Skills Converter
    There are many more jobs that need the same skills as your current/former jobs.  Use this tool to find out more.

Look at more career and major information  

 This site gives great suggestions for exploring careers within a specific major. It also provides information on related professional organizations.

Returning Veteran?

Below are great sites with resources for our returning veterans.  Thank you for serving!

​Review the outcomes with us!

After you have completed the assessments, please review them with a career advisor.

We look forward to working with you!

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