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 Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q - What is dual enrollment?
Q - What’s the difference between dual enrollment, AP, and concurrent enrollment?
Q - What are the benefits of dual enrollment?
Q - Who is eligible to enroll?
Q - How much does dual enrollment cost?
Q - How do I enroll?
Q - How do I know if I meet my class requirements?
Q - Is tuition assistance available?
Q - How do I pay tuition?
Q - What if I don’t want to do dual enrollment after signing up?

Technical Questions

Q - I’m trying to set up my online student account, but I get a message that says “Error: partial match”. How do I continue?
Q - What’s the difference between my MEID and my college ID number?
Q - I know my MEID, but how do I find my college ID number?
Q - Why do I keep getting an error message when I try to sign up for dual enrollment classes online through my.maricopa.edu?
Q - How do I forward my @maricopa.edu email to my other email address?