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 Dual Enrollment

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Welcome to Dual Enrollment at CGCC!

CGCC partners with East Valley high schools to offer Dual Enrollment credit for academic and occupational classes.  Dual Enrollment courses are held on high school campuses and are taught by high school instructors who have met community college hiring qualifications.  Through Dual Enrollment we strive to ease the transition from high school to college and to increase the number of college-bound high school students in our community.
One of the ten Maricopa Community Colleges, Chandler-Gilbert Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and is a member of the North Central Association (NCA).

Attention students: The registration and payment deadline for the fall 2018 semester is Monday, September 17th. 

Click here for a list of participating schools and class lists.


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Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.




Dual Enrollment Office
(Coyote Center)

2626 E. Pecos Road
Chandler, AZ   85225
Phone  480.732.7006
Fax      480.857.5453

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

For High School Students:

  • Creates an efficient curricular track for general education coursework by eliminating potential duplication/redundancy between advanced/honors high school courses and introductory/survey college courses.
  • Allows students to complete credits that apply toward their general education requirements, thus giving them the opportunity to focus on credits/courses within their major area of study when they enroll at the university.
  • Minimizes the drop in GPA that is experienced by most community college students when they transfer to the university.
  • Provides a cost effective jump-start on a college education, allowing students to earn a four year degree in as little as three years.
  • Allows students to know how their college credits will transfer (instead of the transferability being dependent on an advanced placement test score).

For the High School:

  • Opens dialogue and collaboration between the high school and community college faculty.
  • Provides a positive impact on high school retention and graduation rates (for the baccalaureate-bound students, this impact is most evident during the students' senior year when they elect to remain on the high school campus to earn dual enrollment college credit rather than opt for early dismissal).
  • Causes students to extend themselves academically, because of prerequisites/skills needed for entrance into certain college classes.
  • Extends the high school curriculum beyond the "typical" (for instance, because of Dual Enrollment, high schools now offer Spanish Literature classes to senior students, a class that exists in the community college curriculum, but not the high schools').
  • Enhances the high school teacher's professional growth decision (he/she will elect to earn a Master's degree in a major field of study in order to meet the criteria to teach a community college class; thereby, becoming a true content expert, not just a generalist).
  • Provides an opportunity for high school dual enrollment faculty to become adjunct faculty for the community college.

For the Community College:

  • Opens dialogue and collaboration between the high school and community college faculty.
  • Attracts students back to the community college campuses for further classes.
  • Supports the goal of providing a more seamless transition between high schools and community colleges/universities.
  • Creates students who are more academically prepared to enter the community college/university.

For the Community:

  • Decreases the duplication/redundancy of instruction that can occur between high school and community college curriculum; thereby reducing costs for providing instruction.
  • Motivates students to seek academically challenging coursework; thereby providing the community college graduates who are well-prepared for their chosen field of work.
  • Accelerates the amount of time it takes students to earn their baccalaureate degree; thereby reducing costs to the taxpayer since the amount of state aid paid to the community college is less than that paid to the university.
  • Accelerates the time it takes to turn tax users (students) into taxpayers.

Getting Started with Dual Enrollment

Important Dates for 2018-2019

  • Monday, September 17, 2018
    Payment* deadline for fall semester classes.
  • Monday, February 11, 2019
    Payment* deadline for spring semester classes.                    
*Failure to pay in full or set up a payment plan by the deadline will result in a student being dropped from their classes without notice. 

Note: Students who do not submit their registration packet to their teacher by the designated due date for their high school are responsible for bringing their paperwork to Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Steps to complete:

  1. Create Student Account and MEID (User ID)
    Click here for step by step instructions on how to create your MEID (user ID). Click here for a printable step by step guide on how to complete the admissions process.  Note: All students are initially classified as out-of-state after this. Students will be switched to in-state status if they qualify during Step 5.

  2. Activate Student Email
    Go to Student Email and log in with your MEID and Password. This email will be used for all college communication and should also be forwarded to your personal email account using these instructions.

  3. Take a Placement Test (if necessary)
    Math and English courses require a qualifying ACCUPLACER placement test score in order to register. Please review the MCCCD Placement Chart for minimum test requirements. If you haven't taken and met/exceeded the AzMerit Reading test, you will need to take the Reading Accuplacer test. Students can take placement tests at the CGCC Testing Center free of charge, and some high schools offer placement testing.

  4. Submit Registration Packet to your high school or CGCC
    You cannot register for dual enrollment classes online. Please refer to the class list page to see what is available at your high school. Complete the Dual Enrollment Registration Packet and submit it at CGCC (Coyote Center at Pecos campus, Bluford Hall at Williams campus) by the registration deadline.

    Note: For in-state tuition, all new students must submit documentation confirming lawful presence in the US. For a list of all acceptable documents, please click here. Documentation can also be upload online here by clicking the student identification tab.

  5. Pay Tuition
    Pay online by logging in to your Student Center at my.maricopa.edu and clicking the "Payment Options" button under the Finances section. Using this option allows you to pay all at once or sign up for the monthly payment plan (make a payment instructions). Payments can also be made in person at the Chandler-Gilbert Community College Cashier's Office or by calling the Cashier's Office at 480-732-7312. Please have your college ID number ready.

​Class Lists

Chandler Unified School District
Arizona College Prep AZ College Prep Class List 2018-2019 Arizona College Prep AGEC A, B, S
Basha High Basha Class List 2018-2019 Basha High School AGEC A, B, S
Casteel High Casteel Class List 2018-2019 Casteel High School AGEC A,B, S
Chandler High Chandler Class List 2018-2019 Chandler High School AGEC A, B, S
Hamilton High Hamilton Class List 2018-2019 Hamilton High School AGEC A, B, S
Perry High Perry Class List 2018-2019 Perry High School AGEC A, B, S
East Valley Institute of Technology
EVIT (East Campus) EVIT East Class List 2018-2019
EVIT (Main Campus) EVIT Main Class List 2018-2019
Gilbert Public Schools
Campo Verde High Campo Class List 2018-2019 Campo Verde High School AGEC A, B, S
Desert Ridge High Desert Ridge Class List 2018-2019 Desert Ridge High School AGEC A, B, S
Gilbert High Gilbert Class List 2018-2019 Gilbert High School AGEC A, B, S
Highland High Highland Class List 2018-2019 Highland High School AGEC A, B, S
Mesquite High Mesquite Class List 2018-2019 Mesquite High School AGEC A, B, S
Higley Unified School District
Higley High Higley Class List 2018-2019 Higley High School AGEC A, B, S
Williams Field High Williams Field Class List 2018-2019 Williams Field High School AGEC A, B, S
Private High School
Gilbert Christian High School Gilbert Christian Class List 2018-2019
Public Charter Schools
American Leadership Academy-Gilbert North American Leadership Class List 2018-2019
San Tan Charter School San Tan Charter Class List 2018-2019
Queen Creek Unified School District
Queen Creek High Queen Creek Class List 2018-2019 Queen Creek High School AGEC A, B, S

​The following lists contains classes that are offered for Dual Enrollment through Chandler-Gilbert Community College. For information on how classes transfer to other universities, check out the University Transfer Center.

Note: students can not register for dual enrollment classes online. A registration form must be submitted.