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 Environmental Technology Center

The Environmental Technology Center (ETC) is a hub for interdisciplinary, experiential learning projects on the Pecos campus.
The area is designed to be flexible and evolving. Civic-service that engage students in global issues in sustainability are prioritized to reveal to students a sense of place within their community.



  • Experiential Learning
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Sustainability Apprenticeships
  • Community Garden


'Experiential Learning' is education structured through interdisciplinary, project based activities, supported by undergraduate research.

Our work with students at Chandler Gilbert Community College is based on providing the largest number of students a foundation in the 'Discovery of Scholarship.' Students working across fields interact and provide ideas, concepts, disciplinary lenses, and the opportunity to make interdisciplinary connections. 

Our framework for experiential learning is based on several objectives common to successful experiential learning projects:


A sense of learning outcomes, structure of laboratory spaces, common expectations for applications across disciplines, and demonstration of student learning through reflection and presentation.

For more questions, comments, or to request more information about the Environmental Technology Center, contact ETC Technician, and 'like' our Facebook page:

Jay Linford

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We visualize that learning occurs within a framework for under
graduate-research that anticipates the application and eases the transfer of skills and knowledge. Our framework is divergent in nature: that means, the results (student learning) are modular, and are unique to the interests and character of each student.

Some of these students in association with a professor go on to design and enroll in a 1-3 credit Special Projects class, to pursue an Independent Research project. Students who have gone this route have received funding and support to answer questions and build tools which, in turn, have improved our ability to serve students in the process of discovery.
Apprenticeships at the ETC are offered to Federal Work Study students in 1 of 5 subdisciplines of Sustainability. FWS students hired as apprentices receive the guidance of the ETC Technician and support of Honors Students in managing their selected projects.
The ETC Garden is a low-impact and cost-efficient living classroom that provides space to create service learning projects for students and community members, and opportunities for faculty to engage students in the process of experiential learning.