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 Exercise Science

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Exercise Science

CGCC’s Health & Exercise Science program studies human movement and the physiological adaptations, ranging from aspects of physical activity for healthy lifestyles to exercise training for sport performance. Highly qualified faculty help students achieve educational and career goals. The program includes the fitness center and activity classes, as well as health and exercise science lecture and lab courses.
Students have the opportunity to pursue an AAS or a CCL certificate. The exercise science and personal training degrees prepare students for employment as a personal trainer in the fitness industry. The certificate option is designed to prepare graduates for certification and employment in the health and fitness fields. The associate degree builds on the certificate and focuses on transfer to a four-year bachelor’s degree program.

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Exercise Science and Personal TrainingYesYes
Personal Training SpecialistYes
Physical Education

Class Schedule for EXS, PED

(Not all classes offered every semester)

EXS101Introduction to Exercise Science3.00
EXS112Professional Applications of Fitness Principles3.00
EXS125Introduction to Exercise Physiology3.00
EXS130Strength Fitness-Physiological Principles and Training Techniques3.00
EXS132Cardiovascular Fitness: Physiological Principles and Training Techniques3.00
EXS145Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription3.00
EXS210Assessment and Program Design: Muscular Fitness2.00
EXS211Assessment and Program Design: Flexibility and Balance2.00
EXS212Assessment and Program Design: Cardiorespiratory Fitness2.00
EXS213Assessment and Program Design: Weight Management and Motivation2.00
EXS214Instructional Competency: Flexibility and Mind-Body Exercises2.00
EXS216Instructional Competency: Muscular Strength and Conditioning2.00
EXS218Instructional Competency: Cardiorespiratory Exercises and Activities2.00
EXS239Practical Applications of Personal Training Skills and Techniques Internship3.00
EXS239AAPractical Applications of Personal Training Skills and Techniques Internship1.00
EXS239ABPractical Applications of Personal Training Skills and Techniques Internship2.00
EXS280ABSpecial Topics in Exercise Science1.00
EXS290Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice3.00
PED101BCBoot Camp1.00
PED101BSBody Sculpting1.00
PED101GFGroup Fitness/Aerobics1.00
PED101SRStretch and Relaxation1.00
PED101STStrength Training1.00
PED101WTWeight Training1.00
PED101YGGentle Yoga1.00
PED101YHHatha Yoga1.00
PED101YRRestorative Yoga1.00
PED101ZUZumba Fitness1.00
PED103BSBody Sculpting0.50
PED103SRStretch and Relaxation0.50
PED115Lifetime Fitness2.00

Coyote Center FitnessUniversity Transfer

AAS and CCL graduates can transfer credits to other colleges/universities for their Bachelor’s degree in various health or recreation related fields. If you intend to transfer to ASU, please meet with the Program Director or an Advisor to be sure you're taking the courses that will transfer directly to the ASU degree of your choice.
The Arizona Course Applicability System provides information on courses, course equivalencies, and program requirements at all public universities in Arizona.