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How many times have you visited the Learning Center (LC)?


If so, how did you hear about our services?  Please check all that apply.


For what class(es) did you receive tutoring? (ex: MAT121)


When did you first seek tutorial assistance?

The first four weeks of classes

Did you gain a better understanding of the subject matter as a result of our tutoring services?

Tutoring was a tremendous help

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My tutor exhibited an attitude of patience and respect. 
My tutor provided clear and helpful explanations of the material. 
My tutor encouraged me to ask questions. 
My tutor made sure I understood before I left tutoring. 

Use the following ranking system to indicate your agreement with each statement about the Learning Center.

  Strongly Agree Neutral Strongly Disagree 
The LC provided me the help that I needed. 
The LC is a comfortable and inviting place to visit. 
The LC helped improve my skills and understanding of my coursework. 
The LC helped me achieve a better grade in my course. 

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