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Chandler-Gilbert Community College Mathematics Department offers a wide variety of mathematics classes from beginning, intermediate and advanced.

Math Module Implementation Q&A Fall 2017

What are the Math Modules?
The modules are seven (7) one-credit courses offered in a five-week format designed to replace MAT08X (Basic Arithmetic) and MAT09X (Introductory Algebra).
Why transition to Modules? Why not stick with MAT08s and 09s? 

Students will move to a college-level math class quicker by taking only what they need and the only place to do this is at CGCC!


Our current format is not working…
·         Only 15-25% of students testing into MAT08x/09x complete a college level class
·         2010-2015 district pass rates of MAT08x/09x are dismal (45-55% successful completion range)
·         Our current assessment & placement system rounds down based on student deficits and ensures a lengthier developmental math sequence
Math Modules address student deficits…
·         The aim of the Math Modules is to rip off the remediation Band-Aid and build deep conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts in a 5-week period
·         Changing assessment procedures will better ensure students will only take modules for areas in which they are deficient
How will retention/persistence increase?
·         Anecdotal feedback from instructors using the module curriculum report that students are “hanging in” at a higher rate. We predict this will continue to be the case in the 5-week framework.
·         Preliminary 5-week data from CGCC shows the range of students that successfully complete and move onto the next module to be in the mid 60% to mid 70%. This is significantly higher than district and CGCC pass rates under the MAT08x/09x curriculum.
How will Testing Procedures Change?
·         Students will still take the full Accuplacer test.
·         Students should allow for additional time (1 hour approx.) for the full placement test
·         Retesting for students who desire to test into MAT121 or higher will take place in the Testing Center
·         Retesting for students who desire to test out of modules will be handled by the math division on specific days.
Retesting Days & Times As Follows: 
*Retesting is not available at the Williams Campus

Pecos Campus

Ironwood Hall



7:30 - 11:00AM 1:30 - 4:30PM 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Summary of Question Types to Study for the Diagnostic Assessment:
MAT051:  Whole Number Place Value, Multiples & Factors, Operations on Integers 

MAT052:  Decimal Place Value, Operations on Decimals 

MAT053:  Proportions, Percents, Operations on Fractions 

MAT054:  Perimeter & Area understanding, Length of Sides of a Triangle, Conversions 

MAT055:  Translating Verbal Expressions to Mathematical Expressions, Solving Linear Equations & Inequalities 

MAT056:  Graphical & Tabular Representations, Inputs & Outputs, Domain & Range, Function Notation 

MAT057:  Slope and Linear Functions

 Click to view larger image of Course Placement Sequence