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Spring 2019 CLASI Workshops meet in LIB226 on the second floor of the library 1:00-2:00pm on the following Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Motivation and Avoiding Procrastination: Why am I in college?
T      Jan 29           Motivation/ Procrastination
    Feb 13           Motivation/ Procrastination
     March 5         Motivation/ Procrastination
Time Management: How do YOU use your time?
W      Jan 30          Time Management
T       Feb 19          Time Management
W      March 6        Time Management
Notetaking, Active Listening​ and Textbook Reading
     Feb 5             Notetaking: Active Listening and Reading
    Feb 20           Notetaking: Active Listening and Reading
T      March 19        Notetaking: Active Listening and Reading
Overcoming Test Anxiety
W     Feb 6            Overcoming Test Anxiety
T      Feb 26          Overcoming Test Anxiety
W     March 20       Overcoming Test Anxiety​
College Transition: Things to Know
T      Feb 12         College Transition/Classroom Etiquette
W     Feb 27         College Transition/Classroom Etiquette