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 CLASI Online

CLASI Online Module Assignments

*Available through Monday, November 7th*

The following steps outline the process for completing the CLASI Modules

If your instructor referred you he/she will have informed you of which module and/or how many modules you are to complete.

There are four (4) different online modules.

NOTE:  The Text Anxiety Option is only available by attending a workshop. No online option is offered.

For each module there are several exercises you must complete.  After completing the exercises, you must meet and review the exercises with a counselor. Proceed to Make An Appointment.

Students completing a CLASI Module on their own (NOT referred by an instructor) do not need an appointment and may proceed directly to the module of their choice.

Each module will take about one hour to complete.  At any time while completing the assignments you require assistance, call 480.732.7158.

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