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CGCC's Classroom Academic Skills Integration (CLASI) Program

CLASI is a student success intervention program created by CGCC Counseling Faculty.  It is meant to provide college transition information to students in a workshop series or flexible online format.  CLASI workshops and online modules are available to any CGCC student who would like to explore and benefit from the material and information of the CLASI topics.  CGCC faculty are encouraged to integrate CLASI  into their classes as an out-of-class required or extra credit assignment.

CLASI introduces the following five strategies:

  • Active Listening, Note taking and Textbook Reading
    Topics include: Staying focused during lecture, lecture note taking strategies, instructor cues to important material, the SQ3R active reading textbook reading technique, textbook highlighting, reviewing notes for tests.

  • Motivation and Avoiding Procrastination: Why am I in College?
    Topics include: Self-responsibility for class performance, clarifying academic goals & intentions, personal accountability, time management strategies, strategies to overcome procrastination.

  • College Transition:  It's not the 13th grade!
    Topics include: College level expectations and demands, college policies and procedures related to academic misconduct, academic integrity, time commitment, communicating with instructors, your course syllabus content, negative effects of poor attitude, poor attendance, tardiness, and use of electronic devices during class.

  • Overcoming Test Anxiety
    Topics include: Causes of test anxiety, explanation of test anxiety, overcoming self-defeating beliefs, use of positive self-talk affirmations, practicing physical and mental relaxation techniques, and more.  (Workshop only, no online option)

  • Time Management:  How do YOU use your time?
    Topics include: Strategies and suggestions for improving one's use of time, learn to prioritize and keep track of activities and events, access and use of resources and materials for scheduling, and the negative outcomes of procrastination.

Online:  Follow the link if you would like to complete one of the online versions of CLASI.

In-Person:  Follow the link if you would like to attend one of the workshops offered this semester.  ​