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Finding one’s path is a process

Deciding on the type of work we want to pursue in life is a major life decision. A few lucky people know from the time they are children what they want to do when they grow up, but for most students it is a longer process of identifying possible options, learning about those occupations, trying to “test drive” or get hands-on experience to make sure their choice will be a good fit, and then completing the education and/or training needed to actually enter that field of work. When a student meets with an academic advisor or a career counselor, they are often hoping for a quick answer – but to find a truly satisfying career path, spending the extra time and energy to really explore and research different opportunities can help avoid disappointment and burnout from rushed or poorly-informed decisions. This page will walk you through the stages of the process and provide you with resources to help you make a smart, well-informed decision based on your individual needs, strengths, interests, values and priorities.
These stages are:
  • Identify options
  • Research occupations of interest
  • Gain real-life insight and experience to determine personal fit
  • Create a plan for the education and/or training you need to be successful in your chosen field
Identifying Occupational Options
Links to Online Career Assessments
Researching Options
Ideas for Getting Direct Experience
Educational Planning