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 Writing-Certified Class Program

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Writing-Certified Classes at CGCC

Writing-Certified classes engage students in discipline-relevant writing activities that simultaneously enhance students' writing skills and their understanding of course content.

Students that complete at least 15 credit hours of Writing-Certified classes with a C or better qualify for the Writing-Certified Class Program Certificate.

Benefits to Students

  • Deeper understanding of course content
  • Stronger writing skills
  • Smaller class sizes = more opportunities to interact with instructors
  • Feedback from experts in the discipline
  • Additional opportunities to enhance critical and creative thinking skills
  • Experience with multiple types of writing
  • Practice writing in their career field
  • An opportunity to earn the Writing-Certified Class Program Certificate, which they can then use for interviews with prospective employers, applications to transfer institutions (such as ASU, U of A, and NAU), and internship opportunities

Important Aspects of Writing-Certified Classes

  • Writing assignments enhance student learning of course materials and discipline-specific ways of thinking and writing.
  • Writing is understood as a process in which instructor feedback and multiple opportunities for student improvement are encouraged.
  • Faculty teach students how to write effectively in the discipline through various types of activities and/or materials.
  • Students periodically engage in active reflection on the functions and types of writing in the discipline and their progress as college-level writers.

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Dr. Diane Chardon

Writing-Certified Class Program Coordinator

To apply for your Writing-Certified Class Program Certificate, please complete the form below. You must have completed (with a grade of C or better) at least 15 credit hours of Writing-Certified classes to apply.

Include classes taken and credits awarded for each class (one class per line). Ex: ENG 251 - 3 Credits