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 Law Enforcement Training Academy

​Frequently Asked Questions
Q - What is the Age Requirement?
Q - How does the background process work?
Q - What if I have some concerns about my history and whether or not I can pass the background check?
Q - What does the academy training include?
Q - What is the location of the training?
Q - How long is the Academy and when do classes start?
Q - Must I supply my own equipment? Does the Academy have equipment to loan?
Q - What days of the week does the Academy meet?
Q - I want to attend and am not associated with a law enforcement agency. What do I need to know?
Q - Is this program similar to the police academy training required for full-time police officers in Arizona?
Q - What kind of physical activity is required of me?
Q - Will I be a certified Police Officer upon graduation and how long will I be certified?
Q - If I have training and classes from another state or previous experience that covers the information taught in the academy, do I still have to attend those academy classes?
Q - How many hours of training can I miss?
Q - Is there job placement available?
Q - How much does it cost?
Q - How do I register for classes?
Q - Can I use the GI bill?
Q - Will I be entitled to Financial Aid?
Q - What is the difference between Maricopa County Resident, Out-of-County Resident, and Out-of-State Resident?