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 Law Enforcement Training Academy

Admission Requirements

Students can be sponsored by a law enforcement agency or enroll as a non-sponsored recruit. Sponsored recruits are required to undergo a background investigation by their respective agency. Once completed, the agency must submit an Arizona POST “AA” form to the Academy Director.
Non-sponsored applicants must complete the background investigation through the academy and all costs are paid by the applicant. Applicants shall complete a background packet and pay the background fee ($255) at the Admissions and Records Office of the Williams Campus to begin the process. Background investigators will then schedule a background interview.
Admission Requirements

Upon successful completion of the interview and background checks, a polygraph will be scheduled ($200). Upon successful completion of the polygraph, the applicant will be scheduled for a medical examination ($243). The background process takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete.

Cost of the academy includes tuition (17 credits for semester one, and 13 credits for
semester two) and lab fees. Students must also supply personal use equipment such as a firearm, handcuffs, duty belt and uniforms. GI Benefits benefits are available for qualified individuals.