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​Music at Chandler-Gilbert Community College

CGCC's music program offers most courses of the first two years of basic instruction for transfer to a four-year institution as a theory, voice or instrumental major.  

Concerts and other performances are scheduled throughout each semester (calendar of events).

In addition we offer both a Certificate of Completion and an Associate of Applied Science in Music Business.

Students wishing to major in music MUST consult with a music advisor prior to enrolling in classes.


​Music Courses at CGCC


 Music Humanities


 Music Theory & Composition


 Music Business


 Music Performance


Class Schedule for MUP

(Not all classes offered every semester)

MUP101AAPrivate Instruction: Voice1.00
MUP101ADPrivate Instruction: Piano1.00
MUP101AMPrivate Instruction: Guitar1.00
MUP101APPrivate Instruction: Trumpet1.00
MUP101BQPrivate Instruction: Saxophone1.00
MUP101BTPrivate Instruction: Violin1.00
MUP101BWPrivate Instruction: Viola1.00
MUP101CIPrivate Instruction: Percussion1.00
MUP101CJPrivate Instruction: Harp1.00
MUP102AAPrivate Instruction: Voice2.00
MUP102ADPrivate Instruction: Piano2.00
MUP102AMPrivate Instruction: Guitar2.00
MUP102APPrivate Instruction: Trumpet2.00
MUP102ASPrivate Instruction: French Horn2.00
MUP102BTPrivate Instruction: Violin2.00
MUP102BWPrivate Instruction: Viola2.00
MUP102CIPrivate Instruction: Percussion2.00
MUP102CJPrivate Instruction: Harp2.00
MUP127Class Guitar I2.00
MUP128Class Guitar II2.00
MUP131Class Piano I2.00
MUP132Class Piano II2.00
MUP133Class Voice I2.00
MUP134Class Voice II2.00
MUP150Community Chorus1.00
MUP151AAPrivate Instruction: Voice1.00
MUP151ADPrivate Instruction: Piano1.00
MUP151BTPrivate Instruction: Violin1.00
MUP152AAPrivate Instruction: Voice2.00
MUP152ADPrivate Instruction: Piano2.00
MUP152APPrivate Instruction: Trumpet2.00
MUP152BBPrivate Instruction: Tuba2.00
MUP152BTPrivate Instruction: Violin2.00
MUP152BWPrivate Instruction: Viola2.00
MUP152BZPrivate Instruction: Violoncello2.00
MUP152CIPrivate Instruction: Percussion2.00
MUP153Concert Choir2.00
MUP154AAJazz Vocal Ensemble1.00
MUP159Community Orchestra1.00
MUP161Community Band1.00
MUP163Jazz Ensemble1.00
MUP164Jazz Improvisation I2.00
MUP171Opera Workshop2.00
MUP181Chamber Music Ensembles1.00
MUP182Chamber Singers1.00
MUP190Percussion Ensemble1.00
MUP201AAPrivate Instruction: Voice1.00
MUP201ADPrivate Instruction: Piano1.00
MUP201AMPrivate Instruction: Guitar1.00
MUP202AAPrivate Instruction: Voice2.00
MUP202ADPrivate Instruction: Piano2.00
MUP202AVPrivate Instruction: Trombone2.00
MUP202CIPrivate Instruction: Percussion2.00
MUP209Elements of Conducting2.00
MUP217Music Theatre: Broadway Solos2.00
MUP225Class Guitar I2.00
MUP226Class Guitar II2.00
MUP227Class Guitar III2.00
MUP228Class Guitar IV2.00
MUP231Class Piano III2.00
MUP232Class Piano IV2.00
MUP233Class Voice III2.00
MUP234Class Voice IV2.00
MUP250AASurvey Of Diction For Singers (English)1.00
MUP250ABSurvey Of Diction For Singers (Italian/Latin)1.00
MUP251AAPrivate Instruction: Voice1.00
MUP251ADPrivate Instruction: Piano1.00
MUP252AAPrivate Instruction: Voice2.00
MUP252ADPrivate Instruction: Piano2.00
MUP252BTPrivate Instruction: Violin2.00
MUP252BWPrivate Instruction: Viola2.00
MUP252CIPrivate Instruction: Percussion2.00
MUP270Musical Theatre Workshop2.00

​Music Advisors at CGCC

Adam Roberts

Instrumental Music

Joseph Johnston

Vocal Music

Ted Goddard

Music Business