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​Music at Chandler-Gilbert Community College

CGCC's music program offers most courses of the first two years of basic instruction for transfer to a four-year institution as a theory, voice or instrumental major.  

Concerts and other performances are scheduled throughout each semester (calendar of events).

In addition we offer both a Certificate of Completion and an Associate of Applied Science in Music Business.

Students wishing to major in music MUST consult with a music advisor prior to enrolling in classes.


​Music Courses at CGCC


 Music Humanities


 Music Theory & Composition


 Music Business


 Music Performance


Class Schedule for MUP

(Not all classes offered every semester)

MUP101AAPrivate Instruction: Voice1.00
MUP101ADPrivate Instruction: Piano1.00
MUP101APPrivate Instruction: Trumpet1.00
MUP101BQPrivate Instruction: Saxophone1.00
MUP101CIPrivate Instruction: Percussion1.00
MUP102AAPrivate Instruction: Voice2.00
MUP102ADPrivate Instruction: Piano2.00
MUP102AMPrivate Instruction: Guitar2.00
MUP102APPrivate Instruction: Trumpet2.00
MUP102ASPrivate Instruction: French Horn2.00
MUP102BTPrivate Instruction: Violin2.00
MUP102BWPrivate Instruction: Viola2.00
MUP102CIPrivate Instruction: Percussion2.00
MUP131Class Piano I2.00
MUP132Class Piano II2.00
MUP133Class Voice I2.00
MUP134Class Voice II2.00
MUP150Community Chorus1.00
MUP151AAPrivate Instruction: Voice1.00
MUP151ADPrivate Instruction: Piano1.00
MUP151BTPrivate Instruction: Violin1.00
MUP152AAPrivate Instruction: Voice2.00
MUP152ADPrivate Instruction: Piano2.00
MUP152APPrivate Instruction: Trumpet2.00
MUP152BBPrivate Instruction: Tuba2.00
MUP152BTPrivate Instruction: Violin2.00
MUP152BWPrivate Instruction: Viola2.00
MUP152BZPrivate Instruction: Violoncello2.00
MUP152CIPrivate Instruction: Percussion2.00
MUP153Concert Choir2.00
MUP154AAJazz Vocal Ensemble1.00
MUP159Community Orchestra1.00
MUP161Community Band1.00
MUP163Jazz Ensemble1.00
MUP164Jazz Improvisation I2.00
MUP171Opera Workshop2.00
MUP181Chamber Music Ensembles1.00
MUP182Chamber Singers1.00
MUP190Percussion Ensemble1.00
MUP201AAPrivate Instruction: Voice1.00
MUP201ADPrivate Instruction: Piano1.00
MUP201AMPrivate Instruction: Guitar1.00
MUP202AAPrivate Instruction: Voice2.00
MUP202ADPrivate Instruction: Piano2.00
MUP202CIPrivate Instruction: Percussion2.00
MUP209Elements of Conducting2.00
MUP217Music Theatre: Broadway Solos2.00
MUP225Class Guitar I2.00
MUP226Class Guitar II2.00
MUP227Class Guitar III2.00
MUP228Class Guitar IV2.00
MUP231Class Piano III2.00
MUP232Class Piano IV2.00
MUP233Class Voice III2.00
MUP234Class Voice IV2.00
MUP251AAPrivate Instruction: Voice1.00
MUP251ADPrivate Instruction: Piano1.00
MUP252AAPrivate Instruction: Voice2.00
MUP252ADPrivate Instruction: Piano2.00
MUP252BTPrivate Instruction: Violin2.00
MUP252BWPrivate Instruction: Viola2.00
MUP252CIPrivate Instruction: Percussion2.00
MUP270Musical Theatre Workshop2.00

​Music Advisors at CGCC

Adam Roberts

Instrumental Music

Joseph Johnston

Vocal Music

Ted Goddard

Music Business