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​Program Detail

The dance program at Chandler-Gilbert Community College focuses on dance as an art form with particular attention to dance theory and its relationship to the development of good technical skills.
A close-knit, supportive environment fosters student confidence and interaction. Classes are small and the faculty serve as mentors to the students providing opportunities to explore the many possibilities in dance and dance-related careers.
For more information about the dance program - please contact: 
Micaela Church -   480.732.7136

Suggested Program of Study for Dance Majors

Contact Micaela Church at: (480) 732-7136

Students who wish to major in dance at CGCC should arrange to meet with Micaela Church prior to each semester for advisement prior to registration.

University Transfer Pathway Degree Advisement Check Sheet (Associate in Arts, Fine Arts - Dance)

(Not all classes offered every semester)


 Semester I

Course Number Course Name CE Credit Hours Earned
DAN Technique 2-3
DAH101 Introduction to Dance 3
DAN150 Dance Performance I 1
DAN264 Choreography I 3
​English Composition I 3
​MAT ​Math (as tested)+ ​3-5

 Semester II

Course Number Course Name CE Credit Hours Earned
DAN Technique 2-3
DAN221 Rhythmic Awareness I 3
DAN155 Dance Performance II
​DAN141 ​Dance Workshop ​1
CRE101  ​College Critical Reading  ​3
​ENG102 ​English Composition II​ ​3
​AAA115 or
​College Success 0-3​
​BIO100 ​Biological Concepts ​4

 Semester III

Course Number Course Name CE Credit Hours Earned
DAN Technique 2-3
DAN250 Dance Performance III 1
​DAN210 ​Dance Production I ​3
DAN265 Choreography II ​3
BIO160 or 201 Anatomy & Physiology 4
​ASB102 ​Intro to Cultural Anthropology ​3

 Semester IV

Course Number Course Name CE Credit Hours Earned
DAN Technique 2-3
DAN222 or
DAH 201
Rhythmic Awareness II or
World Dance Studies
DAN255 Dance Performance IV 1
​DAN280 Dance Practicum ​2
BPC110 or
​Computer Applications ​3
MHL145 American Jazz and Popular Music ​3
​COM100, 110 or
​Oral Communication ​3
​+Schedule based on students testing into standard math and English classes.
*Recommended students take summer between 1st and 2nd year.

CGCC Dance Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to dancers who contribute to the CGCC dance program and maintain academic standards. These are talent awards and are in no way connected with FAFSA grants. Awards are made based on the following criteria:

  • Dance major
  • Dance Performance Ensemble member
  • Hip Hop Coalition Member
  • Enrolled in a minimum of one technique class and performance
  • Class completion rate
  • GPA
  • Dependability as student and performer
  • Cooperating with and supporting faculty, staff, and dancers in the department

Awards are based on the number of classes in which a student is enrolled at CGCC. Students must enroll and pay for classes or be on a payment plan to get full awards. (For example, if a student is enrolled and paid for nine classes expecting to use the scholarship to pay for additional three classes, the college will award based on nine classes. This award will be less than if the student and been enrolled in twelve classes from the beginning.)

Students who do not complete classes or fail classes will lose their award for the following semester. Awards may resume if classes are completed and grades improve.

Please contact Micaela Church for information and application materials. 

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