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 Visual Arts

The mission of the visual arts at Chandler-Gilbert Community College is to serve its diverse communities by providing quality visual arts programs and activities which promote visual literacy, enhance the quality of life, and celebrate diversity in the arts.

The visual arts area fulfills this mission as part of an institution of higher education through:

  • University Transfer Education: providing core art classes and studio classes in specific media
  • General Education: providing art history classes that satisfy general education requirements 
  • Workforce Development: providing certificates in the media arts field
  • Continuing Education: art classes are open to students pursuing art as an avocation
  • Community Resource: organizing art exhibitions and participating in the community art events.
  • Degree & Certificates
  • Art Disciplines
  • Art Courses

Click here for a list of degree and certificate program descriptions.

Fine ArtsYesYes
Media Arts Computer Art-IllustrationYes
Media Arts Digital ImagingYes
Art History
Computer Graphics
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Class Schedule for ART, ARH

(Not all classes offered every semester)

ARH100Introduction to Art3.00
ARH101Prehistoric Through Gothic Art3.00
ARH102Renaissance Through Contemporary Art3.00
ARH112History of Modern Art3.00
ARH115History of Photography3.00
ARH203Art of Ancient Egypt3.00
ART100Introduction to Computer Graphic Art1.00
ART111Drawing I3.00
ART112Two-Dimensional Design3.00
ART115Three-Dimensional Design3.00
ART116Life Drawing I3.00
ART117Life Drawing II3.00
ART119Penciling for Comic and Sequential Art3.00
ART120Inking for Comic and Sequential Art3.00
ART122Drawing and Composition II3.00
ART131Photography I3.00
ART132Photography II3.00
ART133Photography III3.00
ART137Alternative Photographic Processes3.00
ART142Introduction to Digital Photography3.00
ART143Intermediate Digital Photography3.00
ART151Sculpture I3.00
ART161Ceramics I3.00
ART162Ceramics II3.00
ART165Watercolor Painting I3.00
ART166Watercolor Painting II3.00
ART167Painting I3.00
ART168Painting II3.00
ART169Two-Dimensional Computer Design3.00
ART173Computer Art3.00
ART177Computer-Photographic Imaging3.00
ART202Digital Arts Survey3.00
ART219Coloring, Toning and Lettering for Comic and Sequential Art3.00
ART221Comics Creation3.00
ART255Art Marketing3.00
ART255ABThe Portfolio1.00
ART270Intermediate Computer Photographic Imaging3.00
ART274Advanced Computer Photographic Imaging3.00
ART289Computer Illustration3.00
ART290ACStudio Art3.00
ART290BCStudio Art: Drawing3.00
ART290DCStudio Art: Life Drawing3.00
ART290ECStudio Art: Photography3.00
ART290GCStudio Art: Ceramics3.00
ART290JCStudio Art: Color3.00
ART290MCStudio Art: Digital Photography3.00
ART290PCStudio Art: Painting3.00