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FAQs - Enrolled in class and before the semester begins
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Preparing to take the course

All my courses show up except for my online course
What are some of the basic steps I should follow to prepare for my elearning course.
Do I have to take an orientation and how do I attend?
I completed the equiz or Smart Measure assessment and did poorly. However, online is the only form of the course that fits my schedule. Should I still take the course?
How do I know who my instructor is (what if it still says STAFF)?


The Course

Where can I find out what books are required for my course?
Will I be provided with all the software I need for the course?
Are there standard formats for sending assignments?
Will I have to go on campus to take exams?
Will there be group work for my online course?
My course says it has an oral component(for example an oral test). How is this done for my online course?
There are internet blackout periods at my home/ job. Will I still be able to do online courses?