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FAQs - Class in Progress
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How do I know if the LMS is down?
What should I do if at some point I can’t successfully log-in?
I suddenly can’t access the course. Why? What steps should I go through to determine the problem ?

College Policy

Can I get a refund if I never logged in to the e-course?
Can I get a refund if the course is not compatible with my technology?
What is 'drop' or 'withdrawal' policy?
Can I transfer to a different section of my online course?
How do I interpret deadlines if I am in a different time zone?

The Course
What course rules should I be aware of and where are these to be found?
What parts of my ecourse should I print out?
Can I use my own email address for this e-course?
How do I send my assignments to my instructor?
How fast is the turnaround time on assignments?
How do I know assignments were received by my instructor?
Can I resubmit work until my deadline?
How will I get feedback from my instructors?
How are office hours handled for my e-course?
Can I reuse existing papers, content, etc, from a previous class?
What if I need to take a leave from the course.
Is it possible to pause the course deadlines for a few weeks for serious extenuating circumstances [eg death in the family, surgery ]?
Can I finish my online course early?
If I get an incomplete, will course content still be available online when I resume work on the course?

The Technology

My computer crashed in the middle of an exam. What should I do?
What should I do to backup my work for my ecourses?
Do I have to worry about computer viruses when exchanging documents or participating in discussion groups?