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FAQs - Considering an Online or eLearning Course
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eLearning at CGCC

I’ve never taken an online course. How do I know if it’s right for me?
What are the differences between hybrid and fully online?
Can I practice before registering for a pay/for credit online course?
Is the amount of work for online courses any different from face-to-face classes? How much work is typical for an online course?


College Policy

Does the online version of the course transfer to University just like the face-to-face version?
How long will it take between registering for my online course and being able to access it online?
I need special accessibility accommodations. How do I arrange for these for elearning courses?
If I take an online course do I have access to online versions of all school support services?


Will the online course work on any online technology?
Will my elearning course work with my mobile device?