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 eLearning(means internet, online or hybrid course)

eLearning Definitions (online, internet or hybrid)
eLearning has to do with the use of technology, most commonly the internet, electronics, and software applications, to support learning, interaction, and delivery of courses for learning.  CGCC is an eLearning course provider (we offer various eLearning courses for schedule flexibility), not an eLearning program provider (you cannot complete an entire certificate or degree with eLearning classes alone). At CGCC, eLearning classes are those that either partially or fully use these technologies to connect instructor to student and student to student, and allow course work to be posted, accessed, or completed online. ELearning courses can be a supplement to face-to-face classes, or it can be its own form of delivering courses without requiring a constant physical presence in the classroom.
What makes a Class an eLearning Class?
What makes a Class an eLearning Class?
A Learning Management System (LMS), such as Canvas, is the 'service' you use to access your eLearning course content.  You connect with your computer or your mobile device and access the LMS through your browser and internet connection, by entering your MEID and password.

Tips for Success in eLearning Courses
1. Course Notes give you details about your course before first day of classes.  Read them carefully.  They are listed in the online class schedule, under your specific course section number, and can tell you if there are special requirements like proctored exams, required scientific calculator, a learning community requiring you to register for a pair of classes, etc. 

2.Go to the Getting Started with ELearning page and check that you meet minimum required browser and hardware requirements, as well as learn all the student support services available to you as a CGCC student.
3. Check email and/or login once a day, minimum.
4.If your internet goes out, is there a way to get access in an hour or less?
Just as you could ask a friend for an assignment if you missed class and were sick, is there someone you know with internet access that could let you upload material or access content in a pinch? Scout out wireless (Wi-Fi) spots nearby.  Shops from Starbucks to McDonalds often offer internet access.
5. Save as you go.  If you are working on assignments, save as you go along, but also, email yourself a copy to a personal email address (Google mail, yahoo mail, etc.) that you could access.  Having back up of content and assignments and work done so far is essential should technology become unreliable, as in the case of Wi-Fi outages, computer viruses and crashes. 



FAQs for eLearning students
Check the FAQs for commonly asked questions about online courses.
Whether you have a specific question or just want to see what commonly gets asked by hybrid or online students, explore the FAQs for eLearning students.