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 eLearning Orientation

eLearning Orientation 
There are 4 things you need to do to complete the orientation.
  • Every student should take the eLearning orientation before beginning an online or hybrid class.
  • The entire eLearning orientation can be completed online.
  • Failure to complete before first day of classes can in some cases lead to being dropped from your course by your instructor (see your class syllabus).
  1. Take the Equiz that will generate an "Are you ready for eLearning" score to help you determine if online or hybrid classes are a good choice for success.

  2. Check Browser for LMS compatibility (CANVAS) and  Class Notes requirements.

  3. Learn Canvas by enrolling in a Canvas tutorial.   Once enrolled in the tutorial, log into Canvas with your MEID and you will see the Canvas tutorial listed as CG Student Canvas Online Orientation.  Launch the course to learn Canvas basics.


  4. Fill out the orientation completion form within the Canvas tutorial that provides proof of completing the orientation to your eLearning instructor (some instructors require this -- see your course syllabus on first day of classes).
  • You may not be able to access your actual course until first day of classes.
  • You will need your MEID to log on.  Don't know your MEID? 
Questions? Visit Frequently Asked Questions for:
  1. questions asked by students considering an online/hybrid course 
  2. questions before your class starts
  3. questions while your course is in progress


Orientation issues:

1) I have already taken an online course. Do I still need to take the eLearning Orientation?
Yes, you still need to complete SOME of the eLearning Orientation.
You need to check for Division specific eLearning details or requirements (if any) and you MUST redo the completion form if your instructor requires it.

You may skip the Equiz (but you will need to enter the Equiz score from your previous quiz on the completion form). If you know Blackboard or CANVAS (make sure to check which one your course uses), you can skip the LMS tutorial. If your course is on CANVAS and you have only done courses on Blackboard, you should definitely do the CANVAS tutorial.

2) My Equiz score was below 65. What does this mean?
An Equiz score below 65 indicates some major risk with taking an online course or a hybrid that uses online delivery for part of its content. Your instructor is not responsible for any issues (deadlines missed, submissions not received, etc.) resulting from a student not meeting the technical specifications of the LMS or the technology demands of taking an online or hybrid course. Very often, problems with eLearning make it difficult to succeed in a course and can result in low grades or missed deadlines. Students taking the Equiz and scoring below 65 are strongly encouraged to consider switching to face-to-face, or at least talking to an advisor, to avoid failing or being unable to complete course requirements successfully.