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Gila River Review
Lynne Hartke

Dance of the Bees

A swarm of bees

has congregated in our backyard

on the cats claw vine

that meanders up the lattice,

the blossoms lifting their short yellow skirts

as they flirt

with their pollinating suitors.


One tuxedoed bee in gold and black

approaches his demure partner with practiced ease,

flying, darting, dodging,

drawn to her scent until they embrace,

briefly, in a timeless rhythm

for a few quick moments hovering, lingering,

suspended on the ballroom floor

before the suave fellow flits

to the next timid wallflower

bowing expertly to her welcoming curtsy.


I watch silently from the shadows

of the lemon tree

entranced by the dance,

debating if I should interrupt

the seamless choreography

as I bend over

to pick up a long stick.

Pink-Ribboned Warrior

I am caught in the crosshairs

of the destroyer of dreams

with a bulls-eye

on my chest.


Lynne Hartke is enjoying the writing classes at CGCC. She has been published in Woman's Day, The Chandler Tribune, Christian Parenting, Children's Ministry Magazine and the Spring 2010 edition of The Gila Review. She is a mom of four, wife, preschool music teacher and a breast cancer survivor. Lynne is also writer and director of We are the Voices, a drama production about social injustices involving children.



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