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 Composition, Creative Writing & Literature

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Welcome to CGCC!  In order to meet the needs of students, we provide a variety of English classes in different formats:

Each class provides opportunities for students to develop strategies and skills to build confidence as writers.  Our instructors value writing that is meaningful and challenging and that provides opportunities for students to make genuine connections among their academic lives, personal and professional worlds, and community. Furthermore, we strive to help students understand writing as process (which is sometimes messy), with emphasis on the role of reflection and self-exploration as students develop rhetorical awareness about audience, purpose, subject, and self.

  • ​Collaborative Groups
  • Peer Response
  • Diverse Readings
  • Students Teaching Students
  • Guest Speakers
  • Films
  • Service Learning
  • Field Trips
  • Multi-genre Writing
  • I-search Writing
  • Learning Communities
  • Appealing to Learning Styles
  • Technology
  • Multimedia
  • Collaboration with the Writing Center
  • Collaboration with Librarians
  • Portfolios