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​Faculty Reference
Compatibility Survey.docCompatibility Survey
Final National Project Team Report.docFinal National Project Team Report
Here's a copy of the final report on CGCC's two-year involvement with the National Project and its effect on a number of the current Learning Community offerings.
National Assessment Project.pptNational Assessment Project
This information was presented in March 2007 at the National Learning Communities Project Team Meeting in Seattle.
National Assessment Protocol.docNational Assessment Protocol
Program Review Summary Spring 2005.docProgram Review Summary Spring 2005
Template for Integrative Assignments (Example I).docTemplate for Integrative Assignments (Example I)
This is an example of the use of the template for redesigning an assignment for the COMPASS Learning Community, combing a Communications course with a writing course by Dr. Heather Horn and Vanessa Sandoval.
Template for Integrative Assignments (Example II).docTemplate for Integrative Assignments (Example II)
The assignment is from the pilot version of the "Freedom and Terror" Learning Community and adds primary social science texts as well as independent student research to change a literary analysis to a more interdisciplinary assignment.
Template for Integrative Assignments.docTemplate for Integrative Assignments
This is a series of questions to review the design of specific assignments, especially in regards to developing interdisciplinary assignments for Learning Communities.