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 Physical Sciences & Engineering

Physical Sciences Courses

Class Schedule for AST, CHM, GLG, GPH, PHS, PHY

(Not all classes offered every semester)

AST101Survey of Astronomy3.00
AST102Survey of Astronomy Laboratory1.00
AST111Introduction to Solar System Astronomy3.00
AST112Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology3.00
AST113Introduction to Solar System Astronomy Laboratory1.00
AST114Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology Laboratory1.00
AST294ABSpecial Topics in Astronomy1.00
CHM107Chemistry and Society3.00
CHM107LLChemistry and Society Laboratory1.00
CHM130Fundamental Chemistry3.00
CHM130AAFundamental Chemistry with Lab4.00
CHM130LLFundamental Chemistry Laboratory1.00
CHM138Chemistry for Allied Health3.00
CHM138LLChemistry for Allied Health Laboratory1.00
CHM151General Chemistry I3.00
CHM151AAGeneral Chemistry I4.00
CHM151LLGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory1.00
CHM152General Chemistry II3.00
CHM152LLGeneral Chemistry II Laboratory1.00
CHM230Fundamental Organic Chemistry3.00
CHM230LLFundamental Organic Chemistry Laboratory1.00
CHM235General Organic Chemistry I3.00
CHM235LLGeneral Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1.00
CHM236General Organic Chemistry IIA3.00
CHM236LLGeneral Organic Chemistry IIA Laboratory1.00
CHM260Fundamental Biochemistry3.00
GLG101Introduction to Geology I - Physical Lecture3.00
GLG102Introduction to Geology II - Historical Lecture3.00
GLG103Introduction to Geology I - Physical Lab1.00
GLG104Introduction to Geology II - Historical Lab1.00
GLG110Geological Disasters and the Environment3.00
GLG111Geological Disasters and the Environment Lab1.00
GLG298AASpecial Projects1.00
GPH111Introduction to Physical Geography4.00
GPH112Introduction to Physical Geography Lab1.00
GPH113Introduction to Physical Geography4.00
GPH212Introduction to Meteorology I3.00
GPH214Introduction to Meteorology Laboratory I1.00
PHY101Introduction to Physics4.00
PHY111General Physics I4.00
PHY112General Physics II4.00
PHY121University Physics I: Mechanics4.00
PHY131University Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism4.00
PHY241University Physics III: Thermodynamics, Optics, and Wave Phenomena4.00
PHY294ABSpecial Topics in Physics1.00