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Archival Process

What Happens to the Transferred Records?
When records are transferred to the College Archives, they are accessioned. Accessioning is the process of accepting custody and establishing initial intellectual and physical control of documents transferred to the College Archives.
  1. We assign an accession number that uniquely identifies this set of records.
  2. We compare the contents of the boxes to the box list you prepared and note corrections if needed.
  3. We record information about the records, their creators, and their transfer.
  4. The records are stored, exactly as received, in a secure facility, until they are processed. Processing activities include appraising, arranging, describing, and preserving archival materials.
  5. In the fullness of time, we process the records you transferred. Any non-permanent documents submitted through oversight are removed. Permanent documents are integrated with other records transferred by your office. Damaged or deteriorating documents are repaired or copied. Finding aids are created to simplify retrieval of information and documents.
  6. Information contained in the records is made available for research and to answer reference requests.

Until records are processed, you may request their temporary or permanent return by contacting the College Archives. Processed records are not loaned. The information is always available, and copies can be made; but once the item has been deemed of permanent value, it never circulates again.

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