Wesley Jeter
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 Community History Project

Oral History of Wesley Jeter


Wesley Jeter grew up on a farm and ranch near Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940s/1950s. His father, Louis "Bud" Jeter hired Bracero workers to assist with the family's farm work, raising hogs, planting and harvesting grains, and chopping cotton. Jeter's family developed a close relationship with a few of the men who came to the farm year after year. He fondly remembers a man named Vincente, whom his father helped establish US citizenship. Vincente later invited Wes's family to his wedding. 

Wes tells many stories of interacting with the men whom he considered as his friends/playmates. He loved riding in the back of his daddy's truck every Saturday to take the men into town and back for groceries and leisure. He says, "Well these guys liked to joke with me, but they weren’t rough…because I was the patron’s son! We had to depend on each other, I guess, for our entertainment. But I remember them as a group being jovial and having a good time. Sort of like the guys when you go to the service…there this camaraderie that builds because you are in that little circle. That’s the way I remember them."

Click on the following links to access the oral history transcript and the audio file of the oral history.

Wes Jeter transcript2.doc
Wes Jeter audio file.MP3

Wesley Jeter

Wes's school photo 1951-1952

Wes's school photo, 1953-1954

photos courtesy of the Jeter family