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Guidelines for Library Facilities

Library Instruction Classroom

  • No library instruction will be given the first and last (final exam) weeks of the semester.   The only exception is in the case of online class orientations that are generally given the first week of the semester.

  • Library instruction requests should be made at least one week prior to the instruction.

  • Library instruction will ONLY be given to classes with class specific assignments that require use of Library resources (electronic and/or paper).

  • Specific class assignments, to be used as the basis for library instruction, must be emailed to the lead instruction librarian, the librarian providing the instruction, or dropped off at the Information Desk in print form.  The assignment should be dropped off one week before the instruction session.

  • Library instruction is a team-taught collaborative session by the librarian and discipline teacher.  Therefore, it is critical to the success of the library instruction that the discipline teacher remain with their class throughout the library instruction session.

  • Independent Research by classes can only be scheduled after the classroom teacher has already had their class instructed by a librarian.

  • Instructors looking for a computer classroom to use for non-library resource searching should check with the computer lab staff to schedule BA A or B or work through their division secretary to switch to a computer classroom.