Vietnam Women Veterans
Stories from Vietnam Women Veterans Living in the East Valley as told by CGCC Students in partnership with Chandler Museum's Public History Program
Did you keep in touch with any friends after leaving the military?

 Narrator: Byanca Nelson
Interviewer: Lari Braun
BN: You said you had a friend--I mean how did you keep in touch? 
LB: Oh my friend Evelyn from Albuquerque, actually we didn't necessarily well-- first of all let me go back a little bit. It wasn't until several years later that we realized we were in the same flight together. She was doing a job that was similar to what my husband was doing, and that's how we kind of connected with one another. Then she went through a divorce, and she married a guy who was actually my husband's supervisor. Of course we got invited to the wedding and [our friendship grew from there].  She's completely retired now, so how we keep in touch is phone calls and frequent visits. In fact we just came back from vacation together.
 Narrator: Shirley Heckard
Interviewed by: Kristin Sowden
KS: What were your first days in the service like? Were you scared?  
SH: Yeah, I was a bit apprehensive, but I did travel with 5 other young ladies, and we were instructed to be properly dressed. We had to wear hats, gloves, high heels, and it wasn't the casual look of today. When you traveled you dressed. Of course we were on the train. As I say, when we came back, we were stationed at Camp Pendleton. My friend from Los Angeles was stationed with me and I am friends to this day with her; she lives in 29 Palms California.  
KS: What is her name?  
SH: Her name is Carol Burns [Carol Burns?] and she is a member of the Women Marines Association.  
KS: and you have been friends with her ever since?  
SH: Yes, Um hmm.

Photos courtesy of the families.

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Lari Braun and Doug Braun met while serving in the military

Shirley Heckard