Vietnam Women Veterans
Stories from Vietnam Women Veterans Living in the East Valley as told by CGCC Students in partnership with Chandler Museum's Public History Program
What attracted you to the branch of military that you joined? How did your family respond?

Narrator: Shirley Heckard
Interviewed by: Kristin Sowden
KS: Um, Why were you attracted to the Marines? 
SH: Well, it's the fighting unit. It's the best unit there is [laughs] Semper Fi (Semper Fi) 
KS: How did your family respond? 
SH: Well, they were in a state of shock but I had to get their permission since I was underage, [and] my father still kept thinking I was in the Army. I'd say, "NO! It's the Marines." He didn't know the difference. [Laughs] 
Narrator: Judith Mente
Interviewer: Kyle Schneider
KS:  Why where you attracted to the branch of military that you joined? How did your family respond to the news that you were joining the military? 
JM:  I had two brothers who were in the Korean War, and one was in the Army, and one was in the Air Force. The one that was in the Army...saw much action in Korea, the one that was in the Air Force,  didn't... [he]did not leave the United States..[laughs] so I knew that..[laughs more] the Air Force was probably the better deal...[safer huh?]..a little safer. But beyond that I don't think I thought a lot about it.  
KS: How did your family take it? Or were they...
JM: My parents required some convincing...but they were ok.

Photos courtesy of the families.

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Shirley Heckard, September 2005