Vietnam Women Veterans
Stories from Vietnam Women Veterans Living in the East Valley as told by CGCC Students in partnership with Chandler Museum's Public History Program
How long did you serve in the military? What rank did you obtain?

Narrator: Linda Fulkerson
Interviewed by: Jessica Ethington
JE: How long did you serve in the military? What rank did you obtain? 
LF: I was in for 8 years and attained the rate of E-5. I PNA'd  
(Passed but Not Advanced) the E-6 exam prior to my medical discharge.
Narrator: Joyce McCollum
Interviewed by: Josh Lavis
JL: How long did you serve in the military? 
JM: From 1960-1973 with one year break in service, which came to a total of about 12 years.
JL: What rank did you obtain? 
JM: I got out of the regular army as an E-6, a Staff Sergeant, but then I went to the Reserves, and served 9 more years in the Army Reserves right here in Phoenix. And when I finally retired, the nine years gave me a total of 21 years for retirement purposes, and so when I left the Reserves, I retired as an E-7.

Photos courtesy of the families.

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Linda Fulkerson at US Naval Training Center 1970

Linda Fulkerson October 2005