Women Leaders and Activists
Experiences of Women Leaders and Activists as told by CGCC Students in partnership with Chandler Musuem's Community History Program
Brief Biographies of Narrators

All collected interviews are permanently housed in the Chandler Museum (480) 782-2717.

Ms. Kathy McAvoy interviewed by John Flores
Ms. McAvoy has been active in the second women's movement, marching on Washington for abortion rights, participating in Take Back the Night rallies, as well as joining in other important events surrounding the promotion of women's rights.

Ms. Susan Bachus interviewed by Jacey Henderson
Ms. Bachus has been active in developing the Child Crisis Center and other activities through MAHNAH.

Ms. Mary Black interviewed by Betty McAllister
Ms. Black is the Founder and Executive Director of Black Family and Children Services. This agency recruits adoptive and foster families for children of color; it also provide many child welfare and family services.

Ms. Donna Elsworth-Bolen interviewed by David Kerzie
Ms. Elsworth-Bolen worked in real estate since 1956 selling land; she was instrumental in bringing industry to Chandler such as Intel; she was first woman asked to join planning group AAID; and she served on Planning and Zoning and Chandler Chamber of Commerce.

Ms. Rita Bresnahan interviewed by Esther Baca
Ms. Bresnahan has been active in various projects include displaced homemakers; feminist theater; migrant/refugees' rights; and peace movements.

Ms. Cynthia Dunham interviewed by April Rigler
Ms. Dunham is former Mayor of Gilbert; she is the founder The Leadership Centre.

Ms. Martha "Marty" Goddard interviewed by Hannah Myers
Ms. Goddard has been active in victims' assistance in Chicago. She developed the first rape kit; helped women establish credit after divorce; worked to gain funding for women's causes; and is still active against sexual assault issues.

Ms. Nancy Marion interviewed by Ashley Kearn
Ms. Marion worked in many capacities as a Registered nurse for 30 years. She has served on several Board of Directors for domestic violence and homelessness; she served on the House of Refuge East's Board for two years before becoming the Executive Director in 2000.

Dr. Cindy Barnes Pharr interviewed by Trevor Frost
Dr. Barnes Pharr has been active in promoting quality neighborhoods in Gilbert, especially in preserving open spaces and promoting youth sports such as soccer; she is an important advocate for women's sports/sports facilities.

Ms. Frances Pickett interviewed by Elias Ewert
Ms. Pickett served as an art teacher, promoting art in Queen Creek; she was also the president of the historical society in Queen Creek.

Dr. Pam Petty interviewed by Summer Rohde
Dr. Petty is a women's historian and educator; she's been an advocate for women in leadership; and participated in 2nd women's movement.

Ms. Linda B. Rosenthal interviewed by Meredith Miller
Ms. Rosenthal has served as a MCCCD board member since 1980. She is a self-described "political animal"; she has been active in League of Women Voters; has promoted women in politics; and has been active in women's political caucuses.

Ms. Terry Saba interviewed by Blair Kowalinski
Ms. Saba was the 1st woman on Chandler School Board (served for 10 years;served on Chandler Education Foundation; Served on PEO a education scholarship/ grant board promoting women students.

Ms. Nancy Sheridan interviewed by Amanda Butler
Ms. Sheridan served as founder of the Child Crisis Center; she has been active in many medical related causes and has served on Save the Family's board.

Ms. Sandra Simmons interviewed by Lia Troisi
Ms. Simmons helped start CASA (Center Against Sexual Abuse); she founded a NOW chapter in the 1970s; she recently has served as the director of various non-profit agencies.

Ms. Sue Sossaman interviewed by Jessica Rogers
Ms. Sossaman has been active in Junior Women's club; she started the agency Human Action for Chandler, which works with low income people and food banks. She has served on Chandler Hospital Board and was a founding member of Chandler Community Christian Center.

Ms. Mary Lou Timma interviewed by Kandi Kastl-Manuel
Ms. Timma served as a Rosie the Riveter during World War II and has been active in Legion of Mary, a church group.

Ms. Shirley Tung interviewed by Katie Couitt
Ms. Tung is a peace activist; antiwar activist; sanctuary movement underground railroad operator. She has been involved in women's rights in the Catholic church.

Ms. Mary Tucker interviewed by Cara O'Dowd
Ms. Tucker is an important founder of Arizona's Right to Choose.

Dr. AZ interviewed by Gabi Porter
Dr. AZ is a professor and gay rights advocate; very active in NY 2nd women's movement. She chose to remain anonymous for this project.

Photos courtesy of the family.

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