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 College Police - Public Safety

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Contact Information

Emergency Contact

• Phone 24/7: 480-784-0911

Non-Emergency Contact

• Phone 24/7: 480-784-0900

Publ​ic Safety Contact

• Pecos: 480-732-7280

• Williams: 480-988-8888

• Sun Lakes: 480-732-7280

General Inquiries

• public.safety@cgc.edu​

Emergency Response


Run, Hide, Fight



Surviving An Active Shooter


Standard Response Protocol


​Department of Public Safety Personnel

The Maricopa County Community Colleges Department of Public Safety is vested with the authority and responsibility to enforce all applicable local, state and federal laws, as well as MCCCD policies. MCCCD Police Officers have duly sworn peace officers under state law (A.R.S Title 13-3871), are certified by the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board (AZPOST) and have full police officer authority anywhere within the State of Arizona. They are authorized to carry firearms, conduct criminal investigations and arrest violators. The Department of Public Safety has primary jurisdiction on all MCCCD owned properties.

The MCCCD Department of Public Safety also employs unarmed, non-certified Public Safety Aides, to provide public assistance, enforce college parking regulations and assist with security around the campus. The college also contracts with Securitas, an independent security firm, to oversee safety and security of the absence of Public Safety personnel. At CGCC they typically provide security during the hours the campus is closed. Public Safety Officers, Public Safety Aides, and Securitas staff have distinct uniforms and photo IDs which allow them to be identified by members of the college and surrounding community.

The CGCC Department of Public Safety also works closely with the Chandler Police Department, Mesa Police Department, Arizona State University Police Department and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department at respective campuses.


The Department of Public Safety supports the educational mission of the Maricopa County Community Colleges by providing professional, community-oriented services to ensure a safe and secure campus for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Department Motto

  • Make a difference


The Department of Public Safety is here to ensure your safety on campus. Services provided by The Department of Public Safety and support personnel include:
  • Conduct foot, golf cart, bicycle and police vehicle patrol of campus
  • Conduct criminal and other incident investigations
  • Render emergency first aid as necessary
  • Conduct door unlock/locks
  • Provide safety escorts upon request
  • Provide Lost and Found services
  • Distribute employee access devices
  • Distribute employee parking decals
  • Make college vehicle reservations
  • Provide battery jump starts
  • Provide personal safety and crime prevention programs
  • Provide other general information and assistance

Note: Issuance of student college identification cards and parking decals are processed at Enrollment Services in the Coyote Center at the Pecos Campus and at the Bluford Hall at the Williams Campus.

Parki​ng & Traffic Control


A student who operates or parks a motor vehicle on college property is required to register the vehicle and secure and display on the vehicle a current college parking permit for a designated parking area. A college president may choose to issue parking permits to only certain classifications of drivers utilizing the campus. Parking permits can be obtained free of charge at the Enrollment Services office, which is located in the Coyote Center on the Pecos Campus or in Bluford Hall on the Williams Campus.

An out-of-state/out-of-country student or college employee who operates or parks a motor vehicle on campus property must sign an affidavit at the time of registration that the vehicle complies with A.R.S. 49-542 relating to vehicle emission testing. Vehicles which do not comply with A.R.S. 49-542 will not be granted a permit. ​

Parking Spaces Identifiers

Parking spaces on the Pecos Campus are designated as follows:

  • Students & General parking - White
  • Employee - White with posted sign and/or "Employee" painted in the space
  • Disabled - Universal Disabled blue & white symbol with posted signs and or "Disabled" painted in the space
  • Vistor - White with posted signs and/or "Vistor" painted in the space
  • Hybrid - White with posted signs and/or "Hybrid" painted in the space
  • Reserved - Signs Posted
  • Fire Lanes - Red
​Please obtain a brochure on parking regulations and violations from the Department of Public Safety. Violaters will be cited.


Chandler-Gilbert Community College students, faculty and staff are required to obtain and display a MCCCD parking decal while parking on campus.​ Students must be registered for classes to obtain a decal by registering their vehicle at the Coyote Center with current license plate information. Decals are available at no charge.


Students taking classes at the Williams Campus must obtain and display a MCCCD parking decal with a current year validator to park on campus. Parking decals and validators are available at Enrollment Services in Bluford Hall at the Williams Campus.  Decals are available at no charge to faculty, staff and all registered students. Additionally, all students, faculty and staff need to be mindful not to park in the lots of other institutions. Parking lots to be mindful of are Airport and ASU parking as vehicles may be cited and towed by these institutions.  

CGCC students and employees choosing to park vehicles on Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus Property must adhere to ASU parking and traffic regulations. These students and employees are required to register their vehicles, purchase and display ASU parking decals. ASU parking decals can be purchased from the ASU Polytechnic Campus Parking and Transit Services (PTS) office located in Quad 4.

CGCC students and employees are subject to ASU Polytechnic Campus parking and traffic regulations when parking on ASU Polytechnic Campus property and are also responsible for any citation and/ or penalties resulting from parking violations.
No ASU or Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport parking is permitted on CGCC Williams Campus Lots. Violators will be subject to citation.

Vistor Parking / Car Pool

Visitor Parking on the Pecos Campus are clearly marked. For driving directions and parking lot locations, please refer to the college maps.

On the Williams Campus, Visitor's Parking is located in the lots north and south of Bluford Hall.

Parking Violation Penalties

Violation of parking regulations will result in a citation and a fine being issued. 
In the case of parking violations, repeaters' vehicles may be towed away at their owner's expense. All monetary fines shall be paid to the college cashier in the Cashier/Fiscal office. Payment may be paid in person or by mail. Failure to pay or appeal a citation within 15 working days of date of issue will result in the fine being doubled. In order to insure due process, fines may be appealed to the assigned appeals officer at the Public Safety Building on the Pecos Campus. The link to the Parking Appeal Form is located below.  
For the further information, see Parking and Traffic Under the Policies and Regulations Tab.

Citation Appeal Form and Link

There are two options for submitting your appeal form once filled out. The first is to print and turn into Brent Bartel at the Public Safety Office on Pecos campus. The other option is to click the save and submit button to download the file. Once document is downloaded you can submit as an attachment via email to public.safety@cgc.edu or brent.bartel@cgc.edu
  • Citation Appeal Form

Photo of Donald Keane

Donald   Keane
College Police

Commander Donald Keane is a retired Police Chief from a municipal police agency in New Jersey. He has achieved an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Bergen Community College (NJ) and a Bachelor’s Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ) in Public Administration. He also holds a Masters of Administrative Sciences Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ). He is a proud former United States Marine. Before being assigned to CGCC he has served the communities of South Mountain and Rio Salado Colleges.

Photo of Brent  Bartel

Brent   Bartel
College Police

Nearly 30 years ago Brent Bartel investigated a fledging little college in South Chandler called Chandler-Gilbert Community College and never left. Except for a few temporary stints as a full-time learning practitioner and facilitator, Brent has spent his career in the capacity of a law enforcement officer at Chandler-Gilbert. Brent currently serves as a police lieutenant within the Chandler-Gilbert College Police Department. Brent has served in a variety of leadership and teaching/facilitation capacities during his tenure with the college. Including roles as a leadership facilitator and coach, adjunct faculty, Committee chair, etc. Brent has also been active in developing curriculum and has facilitated a variety of leadership, trust, safety and emergency preparedness workshops. After managing the CG/Williams Public Safety Department for nearly 22 years Brent has returned to the Pecos Campus to assist in professionalizing and advancing the work within that growing unit.

When not working or teaching, Brent prefers to be hanging out with the family, which consists of his amazing wife, four really cool kids and one simply perfect three-year old grandson. Their household also includes two dogs, one cat and one 85-pound tortoise. He also enjoys exhibiting his ever-diminishing athleticism in everything from weight lifting to biking to disk golf. Brent also loves to read inspiring literature, write poetry and is learning his second song on the piano.

Brent received an Associate of Arts degree from Rio Salado, a Bachelor’s Degree in business and a Master’s degree from ASU in human resource development.

Photo of Steven Scarlett

Steven   Scarlett
College Police

Graduated from Chandler High School. Served a two-year church mission to the San Diego area. Married for 30 years to an amazing Australian woman. Four wonderful children. Retired after 22 years as a Police Officer with the Gilbert Police Department in such assignments as Patrol officer, Bike patrol, SWAT, Detectives, and School Resource Officer. Currently employed for 6+ years as a police officer with MCCCD Police. Received undergrad in Public Administration, Masters in Ed Leadership, and a Certificate of Grad studies in School Counseling.

Hobbies and passions include: Church service, working out, reading, and learning how to fix things. Loves: Elmer’s Tacos, grandbabies, most Mexican foods (hot), Star Wars movies, and date nights with the coolest wife on the planet.

Photo of Brian Langford

Brian   Langford
College Police
After honorably serving in the United States Marine Corps, Officer Brian Langford began his law enforcement career in 1999 with the Chandler Police Department. A few years later, an opportunity to become a police officer at Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) became available. In 2001 he was selected to join the CGCC team, and he has never looked back. During his time at CGCC, he has served the students, staff, and community by being assigned to patrol, training and conducting crime prevention presentations. Officer Langford has had the opportunity to work on the President's Leadership Council/ team for many years as an employee group leader. He is also assigned to the College Critical Incident Management Team and the College Safety committee.

Officer Langford graduated from Gilbert High school, received an associates degree from CGCC and considers himself a lifelong learner. He is married to an amazing and beautiful wife, and they have three incredibly amazing children. When not working, teaching or learning he enjoys his family time, sports and the outdoors.

Photo of Miguel Renteria

Miguel   Renteria
College Police

Officer Miguel Renteria, a native Arizonan, was raised in the East Valley, completed his education and enlisted in the US Army. He was assigned to a specialty unit and traveled abroad when called upon. Soon after his discharge, he joined The Arizona Highway Patrol. During his 34 year career with The Highway Patrol he worked traffic, plain clothes assignments, Intelligence, Governors Protection Detail, SWAT, and the Bomb Squad. His retirement lasted all of six weeks then was hired by the MCCCD College Police in July of 2014.

Miguel has been Married for over 30 years and boasts a beautiful but crazy soccer playing daughter, and a very ambitious son who wants to better our way of life as Americans. Miguel enjoys the great outdoors, golf, sports and loves spending time with family.

Photo of Roberto Luna

Roberto   Luna
College Police

Officer Roberto C. Luna began his career in law enforcement in 2004. During his career, he has worked as a patrol officer, field training officer, and a bike squad officer with various agencies which include the Phoenix Police Department, the Arizona State Capitol Police Department, and the Arizona Department of Public Safety. In 2013, the Arizona Department of Public Safety awarded Roberto with the Officer of the Year award for his District that featured his hard work and community efforts.

Roberto has an Associates Degree in Law Enforcement Technology, an Associates Degree in Arts, and is currently attending Northern Arizona University for his Undergraduate Degree in Justice Administration. Roberto loves God, his beautiful family, and serving his community and church. He also takes great joy in creating art, watching films, exercising, and supporting all Arizona sports teams.

Nikolaus   Arney
College Police

Photo of Miguel Martinez

Miguel   Martinez
College Police

Born in Puerto Rico, Miguel Martinez came to New York City with his family when he was seven-years-old. Miguel joined the United States Air Force where he served as a Tactical Navigation Specialist. His electronic experience in the military paved the way for a long career as a Computer Specialist and Program Manager for such notable companies as NCR and IBM. Miguel has a special appreciation and respect for Law Enforcement and has been pleased to make a career change to serve as a Police Aide at CGCC. Along with his daily duties at the College Police Office, Miguel also oversees campus access control and key request processing. Miguel has been married for 40 years, has two sons and three grandchildren.

Photo of Gary Steele

Gary   Steele
College Police

Public Safety Aide Gary Steele Came to Chandler-Gilbert Community College in 2007. He accepted a full-time position at the Williams Campus in 2012. Gary was a returning student to redesign his skills from his current career as a systems integrator and business owner. While working here at CGCC, he has become involved with access control and is currently responsible for adjunct renewal, as well as time zones and card creations.

Gary comes with a great deal of experience with computers and software. He also has a great deal of management experience from running his own company to managing a hotel for Marriot. Gary grew up in Chandler and graduated from Chandler High School and has deep ties to the Chandler-Gilbert Communities. He is the Father of 7 Children, 3 of which have attended classes at CGCC and 2 of which are dual enrolled students with their high schools. Currently, Gary has a 4.0 GPA and working towards 3 AA's in computer science, programming, and networking.

Michael   Blanco
College Police

Photo of Ashanti Netsanet

Ashanti   Netsanet
College Police

Life-long learning inquisitively is Ashanti! To gather, gain and glean is what she relishes. Whether it is through exploration, education, or experience. Ashanti enjoys heightening her aptitude and acquiring new knowledge. Presently, her studies are in graphic design, specifically Adobe Creative Suite. She recently obtained her Arizona Substitute Teaching Certificate and subs part-time for QCUSD. Ashanti has acquired her Bachelors of Art in Teledramatic Arts and Technology from CSU Monterey Bay. She also holds a Masters of Science in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL.

Public safety is presently her stomping grounds. With more than seven years in this sector, she functions with preparedness as her mission and fostering relationships with the stakeholders she serves. Ashanti enjoys being of service to her community and working within higher education. Working for Maricopa Community Colleges has been a rewarding experience. She continues to look forward to more opportunities for involvement and instruction.

Whether near or far, traveling excites, nature regenerates, family nourishes, and veracity awakens her. These journeys offer gratifying occasions of discovery and awareness that shapes her continually. Ashanti is a wife and guardian of two.