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4 Steps to Apply and Enroll at CGCC

1. Get Admitted

Your access to the Maricopa Community Colleges begins with creating your Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID) and Applying for Admissions.

Create MEID and Apply for Admissions online

  • In person or mail (Please refer to Important Information  for more detail).
  • Provide Proof of Identification to the college at which you applied.
  • For tuition purposes, verify your Residency status by providing a government issued ID.
  • Submit prior education if applicable) i.e. high school and/or college/university official transcript.
  • Undecided on a major? Connect with Counseling and Career Services.
  • Visit the campus to familiarize yourself with the services and resources.

2. Determine placement

Please note: Our colleges utilize two processes to determine college course placement for students: high school transcripts and/or placement tests.

Submit high school transcripts

If you plan to use your high school transcripts for course placement, you will need to do the following:
  1. Submit official transcripts of any high school to the Admissions, Records and Registration Office at the college of your choice. If your high school transcripts are older than 10 years, prepare for and take the placement test (see details below).
  2. Bring a copy of your high school transcripts to your advisement session. Your advisor will use your transcripts to help place you in English, Math, and Reading courses. Advisement services can vary by college, click here
Please note the following criteria for placement with High School Transcripts:
High School GPA
At least two years of high school
No more than 10 years out of high school
English Math Reading
3.0 or above ENG101 MAT15x or 187 CRE101
2.6-2.99 ENG101 MAT14x or 12x RDG100
Below 2.6 Take Writeplacer Take ACCUPLACER Take ACCUPLACER
Students who wish to place into a higher level may take the ACCUPLACER as a secondary measure. Students whose GPA does not fit the given criteria will need to take the ACCUPLACER.
Students who wish to place into a higher level may take the Placement Test as a secondary measure. Students whose GPA does not fit the given criteria will need to take the Placement Test.

Take placement test (if needed)

Placement tests help you begin your education at Maricopa Community Colleges with the classes that are right for you. You need to take placement tests before registration if you plan on taking college-level English, Reading, Math, or English is not your first language courses. You will review your placement test scores with an academic advisor, and decide together which English, reading, and math courses offer you the best path for academic success.
Take placement test if:
  • you are currently a high school freshman/sophomore OR
  • your high school GPA is below 2.6 OR
  • your high school transcripts are older than 10 years OR
  • you obtained a GED OR
  • you wish to place in a higher level of English, Math, or Reading
  • your high school transcripts are from outside the United States

3. Get Enrolled

Seek Academic Advisement

  • Advisors will help with identifying courses and creating an educational plan to meet your academic goals.
  • Meet with an advisor every semester prior to class registration.
  • Ask your advisor about college success classes, associate degrees, certificates, and transfer options.

CGCC New Student Orientation

  • All new college student must attend new Student Orientation.

Register for Classes

(Register at CGCC) Online, In Person or by Phone

  • Register for classes early to ensure the best schedule, maximize financial aid options, and get prepared for a successful semester.
  • Know when your tuition is due.

4. Pay Tuition and Fees

Explore Payment Options




Payment arrangements are due at the time of registration.

One of the following (3) payment options below must be made on the day of registration to secure your class(es). Effective October 2018, the registration processing fee is non-refundable. You must make payment arrangements in order to remain in your class(es).

Payment Options

If you have been awarded and accepted your financial aid (grants. loans, or scholarships) and your award covers the full cost of your tuition and fees, your classes are secured. If your financial aid award is less than your tuition and fees, please make payment arrangements to cover the balance. If you are using VA Education Benefits, please make sure to see the Veterans Services office to secure your classes.

Option 2 - Payment Plan
Sign-up for a payment plan to hold your class(es) on the day you register. Learn more about paying using a payment plan. You can sign-up for the monthly payment plan (administered by Nelnet Campus Commerce) using your Online Student Center. This requires a $15 down payment and a $20 Nelnet non-refundable enrollment fee for a total of $35.

Option 3 - Pay in Full
You may pay tuition in full using a debit/credit card -OR- checking/savings account -OR- prepaid/re-loadable card. Online payments (and view bill) using your Online Student Center.


​Admissions Information

Admissions In Person, or Mail

Admission Form:
Complete the Student Admissions Application and submit with one of the following Documentation: Arizona State Driver License or ID, Current US Passport, or Birth Certificate.
Residency Verification:
Submit Student Declaration of Citizenship or Status Form along with one of the following identifications: Arizona State Driver License, or Birth Certificate
In Person
Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Admissions & Records Department
2626 East Pecos Road
Chandler, AZ 85225
Important Links

Important Information
Residency Requirements
Students are required to provide proof of citizenship or legal status in order to be eligible to be charged in-state/in-county rates. Read more about how Arizona Residency Requirements may affect you.
Payment Due Dates
Payment due dates are determined by the start date of each class. Tuition and fees are due 35 days prior to the start of class and may be paid as soon as you register, or official payment arrangements such as the Student Payment Plan must be made before the due date. Please check your personalized student center at my.maricopa.edu to access your payment due dates.
Fee Payment Deadlines
(Click in “Charges Due” under your “Account Summary” for a complete summary by due date of the charges that you owe). If you do not make a payment by your due date, your enrollment may be canceled. Withdrawal from courses is the responsibility of the student; automatic withdrawal is not guaranteed. Refund information is available at the Student Financial Services​ department.
Under Age Student:
 If you are under the age of 18 and do not have a GED or High School Diploma you must complete an Underage Student Information Form to be admitted as a student with special status.
Registering for Classes
Once you are admitted, registering for CGCC courses is easy and convenient. You can register online, in person, or by telephone.
Online Registration:
Visit my.maricopa.edu and click the Student Center icon under Student Tools to start the process. (You will need your MEID).
In Person and Phone Registration:
A New, Continuing, or Former student may register in person at the Admissions, Records & Registration area at either campus locations:
Phone Registration: 480-732-7320
Phone Registration: 480-732-7320
*Phone Registration Note
A Student Admissions Application must be on file in the Admissions, Records Department prior to registration. An operator will assist in the registration process or answer general information questions. To expedite the registration process, please know the five-digit “section” number of all classes that will be registered. All assessments, prerequisites, and payment deadlines listed in the Class Schedule will apply to telephone registration. Other restrictions include:
·         Student cannot register for any classes requiring a signature. These classes are noted in this Class Schedule and require in-person registration.
·         Students cannot register for any course requiring special conditions such as Special Projects or Cooperative Education, these courses require in-person registration.
·         Student cannot attempt to add a class once the class has begun.
·         Students can not withdraw by telephone after the 45th day (16 wk. course). For classes with shorter lengths, check the Deadline Schedule.

Note:  Please follow this link if you are a high school student interested in Dual Enrollment


Frequently Asked Questions

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Summer Hours
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Summer Hours
From May 13, 2019 To August 2, 2019

Monday - Thursday

In Person Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 


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