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 Academic Advisement

Advisement E-Forms

Advisement E-Forms are now available for CGCC students who are temporarily out-of-state or unable to come in person during established hours of operation.  Advisement E-Forms are not intended to replace in-person academic planning.  It is always best to discuss academic planning with an advisor in person.
Who Can Use Advisement E-Forms?
·         Current CGCC students who have completed CGCC’s Enrollment Steps
Currently, Advisement E-Forms are not available for:
·         Students on Financial Aid appeal (SAP or MTF)
·         Students on Academic Probation
·         Underage students (under 18)
·         Students on visas
·         Students who are undecided about their academic program
To submit a request, click on the E-Form link below. 
An MEID and Password are required.
Have you met the prerequisites for a class but are unable to self-enroll?
Fill out this form to specify your class selections and upload prerequisite documentation (i.e. unofficial transcripts, AP, CLEP, or ACCUPLACER test scores).  For CGCC classes only.
Need help selecting which classes to take next semester?
Fill out this form to have an advisor review your progress and suggest classes for next semester.  For any prior credit that has not yet officially transferred to CGCC, upload documentation for an unofficial prior credit evaluation (i.e. unofficial transcripts, AP, or CLEP test scores).  For CGCC programs only.
Requests take 2-3 business days. 
Check your Advising Notes for the outcome of your request.