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 Disability Resources & Services

Disability Resources & Services

Interpreting Services

What is it?

  • Voicing for the student who is deaf
  • Conveying all auditory and signed information
  • Extensive schooling and training is required for interpreters
  • Code of conduct and standard of ethics are upheld
  • One or two interpreters are assigned and rotate every 20 minutes

Who would use it?

  • Students who are deaf or hard or hearing

Interpretation Services:

American Sign Language (ASL)

  • Official language, visual in nature, has own syntax, grammatical structure
  • Grows, changes over time
  • Brain processes linguistic information thought eyes instead of ears
  • Facial expressions and body movements convey information
CART (Computer-Assisted Real-Time Transcription)
  • Provides an exact transcript of the lecture
  • Stenotype machine connected to a laptop with abbreviation software
  • Student reads transcription real-time from a second computer
  • Student can type questions/comments to transcriber during class
  • Questions/comments are read by transcriber
  • Student receives hard copy of transcript

Captioning for TV/Video/DVD

  • Narration, dialogue, music and sound effects are converted to text displayed on a television screen
  • Typically white upper case letters against black background

FM System

  • Wireless, portable, battery-operated device that amplifies auditory signals
  • Instructor wears microphone connected to transmitter
  • Student wears headphones or ear buds connected to receiver
  • Classroom conversations are not amplified