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Warning! Attention: ⚠ CGCC faculty and staff are happy to help you via phone and email. Currently all CGCC campuses are closed and in-person and hybrid courses will be transitioning to fully online courses beginning April 6. Courses that were originally online are proceeding as originally scheduled.

For the safety of our campus community please report COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Exposure or Confirmed cases here: https://www.maricopa.edu/coronavirus-covid-19/reporting
Go to www.maricopa.edu/coronavirus-2019-ncov for details.

 Disability Resources & Services

Services to Students With Disabilities
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  • Eligibility
  • DRS Connect
  • Resources
  • What We Do
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Letter to disability students

Dear CGCC DRS Student:
You are receiving this email because you are registered with the Disability Resources Services office for Spring semester 2020. Please review this email as it has important information regarding the continuation of academic adjustments/accommodations for Spring semester 2020.
In light of the unprecedented events surrounding the COVID-19 virus, on March 11, 2020 Arizona Governor Ducey announced a state of emergency with the guidance from the CDC including minimizing interactions in large social settings, such as colleges. Chancellor Gonzales, in a March 13, 2020 communication, extended Spring Break for in-person classes until Friday, March 20, 2020 and asked that students in such classes not report to campuses. Read more...

Domesticated Animals on Campus policy has been approved!

The Chancellor approved the following amendments to Administrative Regulations:
The individual Administrative Regulations web pages have been updated. We need to work on creating the process for the Voluntary Service Animal Registry.
Please discuss these changes to Administrative Regulations with your DRS staff so that everyone is on the same page.

Thank you!

Melissa Flores

New DRS Procedure Involving Blind and Visually-Impaired Students

MCCCD Community:

On October 8, 2018 Phoenix College entered into a Resolution Agreement with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to settle a claim of disability discrimination and failure to accommodate. As part of this Resolution Agreement, Phoenix College and the OCR agreed there needed to be more communication between the DRS office and the blind or visually impaired student requesting accommodations. Pursuant to the agreement, the Parties agreed upon the following:

For blind students who seek accommodations from DRS, the DRS will meet with each blind student and each instructor in each course in which the student is registered well in advance of the beginning of each course to:

A.   Review and discuss the course syllabus and other available information about the format(s) in which the course will be presented;

B.   Identify all materials that will be provided to or used by students as well as written materials which will need to be converted each week of the semester; and

C.   Confirm with the student that the format will be usable by the student’s assistive technology or, if appropriate, how equally effective alternate access will be provided. (Ensure you have documented what “equally effective” means for the student).

The College must offer the opportunity for a meeting (as described above) to visually-impaired students who seek accommodations from the DRS. If a visually impaired student accepts an offer for a meeting, the DRS will similarly meet with the student and each course instructor in which the student is registered, as outlined above in A-C.  

This new procedure went into effect in Spring for Phoenix College and goes into effect Fall for the rest of the District. Please encourage faculty members to engage in the interactive process in order to provide our students reasonable accommodations in a reasonable time frame.

Naturally, we cannot force our blind students to schedule or even attend the afore-mentioned meeting. If a student declines the meeting, it is important to note it in DRS Connect. Documentation to this effect is imperative.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Melissa Flores or Gene Heppard.

Melissa Flores

Intake Appointments for Incoming Students Filling Up - August 2019

As the Fall semester draws closer, intakes are continuing to fill up. We are booked well through the month of August untill September. The intake appointment must be completed before accommodations can be put into place for classes. 

We are diligently working to fit as many students into the schedule as possible. If you have not yet filled out an application and provided documentation to our office, please begin this process as quickly as possible to ensure the soonest possible intake. Directions on how to complete this process can be found under the "DRS Connect" tab. After students are registered for classes the DRS office will call to schedule an intake appointment this can take up to 2 weeks and during peak weeks possibly longuer.

**If you will have the need for an interpreter, CART/Captioning, or accommodations for a visual impairment, please contact our office as soon as possible.*

Kurzweil in the Testing Center - August 2019

For the purposes of testing, students will no longer be using their personal Kurzweil accounts.

Kurzweil accounts specific to each testing station have been set up to ensure the integrity of the test taking process. The dictionary, translation, spell check, word prediction, brainstorm, and outline features have all been disabled and will not be able available anytime during the test. 

Going forward, this will be the protocol unless otherwise allowed by your instructor and requested from the DRS Office at least 7 days prior to taking a test.

Eligibility and Required Documentation

  1. Physical Disability:
    Orthopedic, Blind/Visual Impairment, Deaf/Hearing impairment, Other Health Impairments
    Required Documentation~ Medical report stating extent of injury or illness

  2. Specific Learning Disability:
    Reading, Writing and Math
    Required Documentation~ 
    Psyco-educational evaluation by qualified professionals

  3. ADHD/ADD:
    Required Documentation~ Diagnostic report

  4. Psychological/Psychiatric Disability:
    Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD etc.
    Required Documentation~ 
    Diagnostic reports: Curent psychological evaluation, list of functional limitations

  5. Neurological Disorders:
    Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Seizure
    Required Documentation~ 
    Diagnostic report

  6. Temporary Disabling Condition/Impairments:
    Surgery, accident, serious illness
    Required Documentation~ 
    Written documentation, diagnosis, functional limitations and estimated time....

  7. MCCCD Documentation Policy Handout

​How to Get Started at CGCC

New Students

Students who are not currently registered with any MCCCD DRS Office:

In order to receive accommodations/academic adjustments under ADA, a student must have a documented disability and be able to provide a copy to the DRS Office. For more information regarding documentation, visit the “eligibility” tab and review the MCCCD Documentation Policy Handout.

Before applying for DRS services, students should follow the standard enrollment process of the college. Becoming admitted, taking placement tests*, and seeing an academic advisor are the first steps for every student. 

*All three placement tests are untimed and have the option to be taken on the same day or spread across several days. If you are in need of academic adjustments for a placement test (Kurzweil, Dragon, etc.), please contact our office directly at 480.857.5188.

1) Fill out the online application
This application is a series of questions asking the student to self-identify and provide our office with history regarding their disability and any past academic adjustments or services they have received. The application will ask if you have documentation to upload. If you are not in possession of an electronic copy of your documentation and do not have access to a scanner, you can choose to fax or provide a hardcopy to our office. 

The application can be accessed by clicking on the DRS Connect button located at the bottom of this page and selecting the New Student Application button.

2) Documentation
If you were unable to upload documentation with your application, please fax documentation to 480.212.0915 or bring a hardcopy directly to our office. We must have documentation on file prior to providing services.
Student Veterans are an exception and will be granted temporary accommodations while waiting for VA documentation.

3) Register for classes
Students must be registered for classes before we will schedule an Intake appointment. It does not matter at which point in the process a student chooses to register for their classes, as long as they are registered before we schedule their Intake.

4) Intake
Once student complete the DRS process and register for classes an intake will be scheduled in 2 weeks. During peak weeks the process may be longuer.

This appointment allows us to go over appropriate academic adjustments and how they will be implemented. On average, this appointment takes an hour. This is an opportunity to ask the DRS Coordinator any questions you may have. Parents, spouses, and other individuals involved in supporting the student are welcome to accompany them during the Intake. 

Continuing Students

Current DRS students who have already had an Initial Intake:

If you were registered with us in the past but have been inactive for more than one semester, or are currently registered with another Maricopa College’s DRS Office, please contact our office directly at 480.857.5188.

1) Accessing DRS Connect
All other continuing students can access their student portal by clicking the DRS Connect button located at the bottom of this page.
You will need your MEID and password, used for all other Maricopa sites, to access DRS Connect.
If you encounter difficulties logging in to your account, contact our office right away.

2) Using Approved Accommodations/Academic Adjustments
Accommodations must be requested every semester for each class the student wishes to receive them in.
Information Release Consents (IRC) must be filled out once every year. A student must have current IRCs on file in DRS Connect in order to request accommodations/academic adjustments.

Detailed instructions can be found here:

3) Getting Help
It is crucial to seek help as soon as you start experiencing difficulty. Do not wait until the end of the semester. Our office (accommodation/academic adjustment management and DRS Connect concerns), the Learning Center (tutoring), and Counseling Services (personal, academic, and career concerns) are all here to support you should you need extra assistance.

Learning Center:
(480) 732-7231
Pecos campus – Library, 2nd floor
Williams campus – BRID 114 & 115  

Counseling Services:
(480) 732-7158
Pecos campus – BRD 101
Williams campus – Bluford Hall

You can also schedule an appointment online here:





DRS Connect Request Services Here 

​Disability Resources & Services (DRS)

  • The DRS Office provides services to students who have a documented disability according to The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Amendment Act of 2008, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. 
  • Students must self-identify, register for services, and follow all DRS procedures. 
        **Instructions for becoming registered with the DRS Office are included under the DRS Connect Tab.**

  • DRS services include, but are not limited to:
    • Advocacy
    • Education and guidance about student rights
    • Intake appointment and documentation review
    • Utilizing approved accommodations/academic adjustments
    • Assistive technology (AT) support
    • Campus and community referral and resources
    • Monitor campus ADA compliance



Fall - Spring
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday: 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Monday - Thursday: 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

(All MCCCD Campuses are closed on Fridays during the summer) 


Pecos Campus - Bradshaw Hall 101

Williams and Communiversity campus students receive DRS Services through the Pecos campus.
Please call for more information.


Office Phone: 480.857.5188

Confidential Fax: 480.212.0915


Office Staff 

Director: Dawn Gruichich, MSW, LCSW
Phone: 480.732.7050 - Office: BRD109
Email: dawn.gruichich@cgc.edu

Coordinator of DRS: Juwanta Steed, M.Ed.
Phone: 480.857.5187 - Office: BRD110
Email: juwanta.steed@cgc.edu

Assistive Technology Specialist: Tammy Day, BSW
Phone: 480.857.5447 - Office: BRD103
Email: tammy.day@cgc.edu

Office Coordinator: Margaret Walker
Phone: 480.857.5189 - Office: BRD107

Faculty & Administration 

DRS Faculty Liaison: Dr. Scott Silberman, Psychology Faculty
ADA Coordinator: Veronica Hipolito, Vice President Student Affairs