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 Terms & Conditions

The Aid Offer

To receive financial aid you must be pursuing an eligible degree or certificate program. Receipt of this aid indicates your permission for this office to release information relative to you, including grades and/or transcripts to the donor of any scholarship you may receive or agencies from which you may request financial support, such as Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, etc. Funds, where appropriate, will be applied directly to your tuition/fees and other college charges. Federal financial aid may only be received from one institution for the same period of enrollment. You must fulfill all of the student responsibilities in accordance with federal and state law as well as institutional policy to receive this financial aid.

Aid Disbursement Procedures

All aid disbursements are handled through the Fiscal (Cashier's) Office. You may be required to provide identification to receive a refund. Any remaining funds are refunded to the student.  Students will receive their refund via the Maricopa Student Refund Program (MSRP). Enrolling in classes with late start dates may delay the distribution of financial aid monies. Should your award include a loan, you have an obligation to repay. You must complete loan entrance counseling prior to receiving funds and loan exit counseling before leaving school. Loans have multiple disbursements and first time borrowers have a 30 day delayed disbursement. Generally, funds, except for Federal Work-Study, will be credited to your account. Federal Work-Study earnings are paid every two weeks for hours worked.  If you receive Federal aid and do not attend classes, Federal law will require you to repay the monies you have received.

Pell Recalculation Date

Your Pell Grant award eligibility is determined by your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), your Cost of Attendance (COA) and your enrollment status at the time your Pell Recalculation is determined each term.

In order to receive Pell Grant funding, you must finalize your enrollment for the semester by the Pell Recalculation (Deadline) Date, which is determined by the college.  This also includes enrollment in any classes recognized through the completion of a consortium agreement.  If you register for additional classes after the Pell Recalculation Date, you are not eligible for an increase to your Pell Grant funding. 

CGCC census dates:

Check Pell census dates at Important Dates​.


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

All recipients are expected to understand their responsibilities in regard to the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid recipients at this institution. Failure to make SAP as defined in the college policy may result in withholding or canceling part or all of your financial aid award(s).

Repeated Coursework

Federal Regulations specify that students may receive federal financial aid funding for one repetition of a previously passed course. A passed course is defined as one in which a grade of A, B, C, D, or P is received. If you enroll in a course in which you have previously received passing grades twice, the course will not be counted towards your enrollment level for financial aid purposes. You may repeat a failed course until it is passed.  Your enrollment for financial aid purposes will be calculated accordingly.

Changes in Status to be Reported

Certain changes can affect your financial aid award and potentially create a debt for the student.  These changes include but are not limited to changes in enrollment, such as adding, dropping or withdrawing from class(es) and changes in residency for tuition purposes.  You are responsible to report assistance received from any other sources.  Additional assistance could include, but is not limited to outside donor scholarships, tribal monies paid directly to you or on your behalf, and awards.

Revision and Cancelation of Aid

Revisions may be made to your award as a result of changes in your eligibility, academic status, or your failure to comply with federal/state laws/regulations and college policies. The college reserves the right to review, revise, or terminate your financial aid award at any time.

Return of Title IV Funds

In accordance with federal regulations, students may be required to repay federal financial aid if completely withdrawn from all classes during a period of enrollment. Any refunds and deposits are applied to institutional debts and/or federal programs as regulated by law.  Please refer to the Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) document for further details.

Book Advances

Students with pending aid and/or scholarships sufficient to cover tuition and fees may be eligible for a book advance.