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 International Education Program

Frequently Asked Questions
Q - Why choose to study at CGCC?
Q - What do I need to do to come to school on a student visa (F-1 status)?
Q - What is the difference between Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) and a university?
Q - What are the benefits to earning an Associate degree from CGCC before transferring to a university?
Q - What are the costs?
Q - What are the tuition fees for CGCC?
Q - Is there a tuition payment plan available for international students?
Q - Where can I get more information on the F-1 visa student status?
Q - Do I need to pay the $20,030 directly to Chandler-Gilbert Community College?
Q - Will my college classes from another country count toward my CGCC degree?
Q - Where can I get information on courses?
Q - Are scholarships available for International Students?
Q - How do I register (sign up) for classes?
Q - What is an assessment test?
Q - Can I use my native language for college credit?
Q - Do I have to take the TOEFL test?
Q - What score is needed on the TOEFL?
Q - Must I purchase the health insurance?
Q - What are the deadline dates for applying?
Q - Can I be employed while I am on F-1 status?
Q - Does Chandler-Gilbert Community College have dormitories or other student housing?
Q - Will I be able to pay tuition and fees as an Arizona resident?
Q - How long is the I-20 valid?
Q - How many credits must I take?
Q - How long is a semester?
Q - Can I transfer to a 4-year university after I complete my studies at Chandler- Gilbert Community College?
Q - What types of support services are available for students?
Q - How large are classes?