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 International Education Program

Offering you a world of opportunities...

The International Education Program Welcomes

We invite you to consider Chandler-Gilbert for excellent higher education.

CGCC is part of the Maricopa Community College District. MCCCD is fully accredited and recognized throughout the world as a leader in education. CGCC welcomes international students and is committed to students' academic success and personal development. Many international students begin their university education at CGCC to take advantage of the lower cost, easy admissions and smaller class sizes.

CGCC is a two-year college with many transfer and occupational programs. Students who plan to earn a four year bachelor's degree come to CGCC for their first two years of college to complete general university requirements and earn an Associate transfer degree. Most of our students transfer to Arizona State University, University of Arizona or Northern Arizona University to complete a 4-year Bachelor's Degree. CGCC credits are transferable to most public and private universities throughout the United States.

While Maricopa Community Colleges offer diverse learning experiences, we also encourage our students to expand their horizons through travel. With our study abroad programs, you can explore the world while you work toward your degree, and gain an opportunity to build bridges with people you might not otherwise meet. You’ll earn credits while you discover other cultures, and attain new insight on connecting globally.
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  (video provided by CNN, March 26, 2014)

"Studying abroad isn’t just a fun way to spend a semester; it is quickly becoming the key to success in our global economy. Because getting ahead in today’s workplaces isn’t just about getting good grades or test scores in school, which are important. It’s also about having real experience with the world beyond your borders -- experience with languages, cultures, and societies very different from your own."

                        First Lady Michelle Obama

International Students to Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Vision and Mission

The International Education Program aims to create an environment with opportunities that encourage global citizenship and promotes cultural understanding and appreciation.
IEP supports and provides opportunities that enhance academic, social and cultural interactions. We promote positive cross cultural interactions by providing information, assistance and guidance to students, staff, faculty and the community. IEP is committed to creating a positive and successful experience for students at CGCC through access, programs and quality service.