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*Note: CGCC does not provide childcare. 
To our Parents and Caregivers

Welcome to CGCC's web page dedicated to our students and employee's who are also parents and caregivers! We realize that managing your family, school, and other responsibilities can be extremely challenging; therefore, this site was created to provide you with information and resources related to finding and selecting childcare. We have also included a wealth of other resources on a wide variety of topics related to your growing and developing child.​
Know Your Options
Every child is unique and finding the best care for your child involves making many decisions. Although you may have your work cut out for you, it is important to realize up front that time invested in selecting the care to best meets your child's needs is time well spent! There are basically three different types of child care options: child care centers, family child care, and in-home care - nanny/au-pair.
Child care centers
Child care centers typically provide care for lager groups of children who are separated into specific groups according to age. Most child care centers have a schedule of organized activities to help children learn and grow.
Family child care
Family child care is usually provided by a caregiver who is often a parent with a child of their own. Sometimes you may find a friend, relative, or a neighbor who is willing to care for children in this way. Family child care homes usually care for smaller groups of children who can vary in age.
In-home care
In-home care is usually provide by a caregiver who comes to your home which is often times costly but convenient. This type of care also works well if your child is ill or for times your regular care won't work.
In addition to the type of care there are many other factors to consider when looking for a provider such as: quality of the program, location, cost, convenience, days and hours of operation, availability, etc.

*DISCLAIMER* The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only and does not imply endorsement or recommendation of any practice, publication, organization, or agency by Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Any time you are investigating childcare options, we encourage you to interview potential care providers and check references as well as visit the licensing agency to review center records. ​