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 Student Affairs

Annual Student Recognition and Awards Program Overview

The Annual Student Awards and Recognition program was created to provide a venue for the college to recognize students who have excelled in a specific discipline and/or won prestigious college, regional and national awards.
Award Categories
Awards and Recognitions have been defined in the following areas:
  • Division Awards
    Each CGCC academic division has set specific criteria for outstanding student awards to be presented at this event. The numbers of awards vary by division: Wellness -one, Business-two, Math- one, Social/Behavioral Sci-four, Education-one, Lang/Hum-three, Science-one, Com/Fine Arts-three, Aviation- one.
    The division chairperson will make these awards with VP of Instruction.

  • Honors Program
    The Honors Coordinator has designated three awards to be presented at this event. They are two Foundation Awards and one Chancellors award. They will also have two honors projects highlighted by outstanding Honors students.

    The Honors Coordinator will make these awards with VP of Instruction.

  • Native American Tribal Awards
    Native American students who have received college scholarships will be recognized at this event. They have been selected by the CGCC Financial Aid office who works with the Gila River Indian Community, Navajo Tribe, Pascua Yaqui tribe, Tohono O'odham Tribe, White Mountain Apache Tribe and the BIA.

    The CGCC Native American academic advisor will make these presentations with the College President.

  • Fine Arts/Music Awards
    Students who have won awards in these areas are also welcome to be recognized at this event.
    The faculty member will make the presentation with College President.

  • Phi Theta Kappa Awards
    The faculty advisor for PTK will recognize the outstanding achievements of the CGCC PTK organization. These are awards the chapter has won within PTK.
    These will be presented by the PTK Faculty advisor and the college president

  • Athletic Academic All Americans
    The CGCC athletic director will define these awards.
    They awards will be presented by the CGCC athletic director and College President

  • Deans and Presidents list
    The VP for Instruction and Student Affairs are working on the criteria for this category (TBA)

  • Maricopa Convocation Awards
    Each year CGCC students are recognized at the Asian Pacific Islander (APIA), Maricopa Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (MACHE), United Tribal Employees' Council (UTEC) and the Maricopa Council on Black American Affairs (MCBAA).

    These recognitions will be given out by our campus association representative along with College President.

  • Occupational Awards
    These awards will be defined by the Dean of Career and Technology Programs

    The awards will be given by the Dean and College President.
  • Outstanding Students Awards
    These awards will be defined by the Director of Student Life and the VP of Student Affairs.
    They will be presented by the Director of Student Life and the VP of Student Affairs.

  • Other categories
    We will add additional categories when necessary.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs, Bill Guerrero will provide the coordination for Academic and Career and Technical Education awards/recognitions. The Vice President of Student Affairs, Bill Crawford will coordinate the other categories.

The specific plaque, certificate will be the responsibility of the person presenting the award. All presenters are listed with the above categories.
The awards will be presented at an evening event. The recipients will be notified via an invitation sent out. The invitation will be sent out by the Vice President of Student Affairs office.  Division leadership is responsible for communicating with selected students by phone, email or letter notifying the student of their selection and attending the event.

Web based Information
The materials will be web based so that faculty and staff will have easy access for all awards information.
Event Check list (A work in progress) The committee will include the VP for Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, a representative from the CGCC Financial Aid office, two faculty and one student services staff member. The Vice President of Student Affairs will serve as the chairperson for this event.
Duties will include (but not be limited) to the following.
  • Define the date for the May event in April of the previous year. The Thursday before the Friday graduation will be the night for this event if at all possible to coordinate with the graduation set up.
  • Outline the budget for the event and be sure it is part of the fund two processes.
  • Define the committee who will work on this event in August of the year.
  • Create the invitation during the fall semester- ask an art or star student to design the invitation.
  • Set a schedule of timelines from August through May event.
  • Review the event with the VP's, President and PEC
  • In spring semester arrange the facility for the next year in R25.
  • Send memo to division chairs, managers and others involved with student leadership awards at CGCC.
  • In April define the award that will be given to the students and order the awards if appropriate.
  • Define the program for the evening in April- order of who will present etc...
  • Be sure that catering and decorations have been arranged for the evening.
  • Have an RSVP phone number listed. (the VP of Student Affairs office)
  • Marketing and PR will arrange media coverage
  • Other items?