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 Testing Center

  • CELSA - English
  • HESI A2 - Nursing
  • Proctor Service
  • Instructors
  • Classroom Support

​CELSA (English as Second Language)

CELSA Placement Testing is available for students for which English is their second language.  It assists us in determining the appropriate English as a Second Language (ESL) course a student may need.  Seating is limited.

  • Test sessions available on a walk-in basis during normal business hours. Please see Hours/Location for current hours of operation and last check in times.
  • Your access to the Maricopa Community Colleges begins with creating your Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID). Visit the Admissions & Records website for the steps to Apply & Enroll.
  • Seating is limited, please plan accordingly.
  • There is no cost to students for this service.
  • All testers ARE REQUIRED to present valid and current picture identification and their 8-digit Student I.D. number prior testing .

CELSA Testing Sample Questions


Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam for Nursing

The Evolve Reach (HESI) Admission Assessment Exam (A2) is a computer based test consisting of seven modules: Math Skills, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary & General Knowledge, Grammar, Learning Style, Personality Style and Critical Thinking.  The Science modules in Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology and Physics will NOT be administered or used for admission to MCCCD Nursing Programs.
Visit Maricopa Nursing for additional program information.
Note: HESI-A2 will not be available during the following time periods:
  • The week before class begin and first week of classes in August & January.
  • The week before finals and finals week of each semester.

All seven modules must be completed within a single four (4) hour testing session.

  • Cost:  $40.00 (NO REFUNDS and cost is subject to change).
    • Note: Students testing for a school outside the Maricopa Community College District must pay a additional $25 proctor fee and schedule an appointment by calling 480-732-7159. Please ask the proctor about additional fees before you test
  • Photo ID required (See Testing Regulations).
  • 8-digit MCCCD Student ID number required for testing.
  • Personal calculators are not permitted. When allowed, a calculator will appear within the testing program. Scratch paper and pencils will also be provided. 
  • Once a student has passed the exam, results are valid for two years.
  • Students may re-test after a 60-day waiting period. Up to 2 retests are permitted within one year from the date of the first test. 
  • Prior to testing we encourage students to create their Evolve account, make sure to bring with you on the day of testing.
  • Please see Hours/Locations for last check-in times

 Request for Official Test Scores to be sent to a Maricopa Community College:

To request official test scores to be sent to an Educational Institution, please complete the following: 

  1. Request for Official Test Score Form CGC Request for Official Test Scores.pdfCGC Request for Official Test Scores.pdf
    1. Include a current copy of your picture I.D.
    2. Picture and personal information must be clearly visible to process the request.
Request for Official Test Scores to be sent to an institution outside of Maricopa Community Colleges:
  1. Go to your student account at https://evolve.elsevier.com/cs/store?role=student
  2. Click "HESI Transcripts"
  3. Read the instructions and click the word "here" in the instructions to download the HESI transcript request form.
  4. Fill the form out online and save it to your desktop. (Be sure to request that your scores be sent to your institution via email).
  5. Click the orange "Register for this now" button to pay the $15 transcript fee. Write your receipt number down (you will enter it on the transcript request form).
  6. Enter your receipt number on the transcript request form (top right side), save the form to your desktop again, and then email the form to Evolve at transripts@elsevier.com.
  7. If you need assistance contact Evolve at 1-800-222-9570

Proctor Services

The Testing Center at Chandler-Gilbert Community College Pecos Campus offers exam administration and proctoring services to members of our community. Exams are given in a classroom or lab with other testing conducted at the same time.  Individual testing rooms are not available. 

Proctoring Services are NOT available during the following time periods:

  • The week before classes begin in August & January.
  • The week before finals and finals week each semester.
  • Appointments cannot be guaranteed during CGC mid-terms.
  • An appointment is required for all proctored exams. Appointments are based on availability and may vary due to school holidays & breaks. No walk-in or same day appointments.

 General Information

  • There is a $25 fee to proctor each exam - postage fees may be charged if not paid by the student's school/institution.
  • Prior to making arrangements to have your exam sent to CGC, submit the signed proctor request form.  Request for Proctor Service Form.pdfRequest for Proctor Service Form.pdf  This step needs to be completed prior to having the exam sent to the Testing Center from the educational institution. Exams received without a prior signed request for proctoring services will be returned to the institution.
  • Students may not use their own technology (laptops, tablets, MP3 players, cell phones, etc.).
  • If additional documents are need to be filled out, signed, sent etc. to students' institution, please allow 48 hours for processing.
  • Same day processing of paperwork or proctoring will not be accepted, please plan accordingly.
  • Appointments are required for all proctored exams, once exam has been received an appointment can be made, appointments are  based on availability.
  • Appointments cannot be guaranteed during peak CGCC periods midterms and finals.
  • Specific proctors cannot be requested or assigned.  Exams will be administered by any Testing staff member on duty at the time the test it taken. 
  • Exams will be administered in the Testing Center facility that is monitored by proctors
  • Internet or computer based tests can be administered but additional software cannot be installed.  MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & MS Office is available.
  • We cannot accommodate exam(s) requiring special administration such as an audio tape or CD Player, installation of computer based software, etc. (Note: Student must provide their own authorized supplies:  pencils, headphones, rulers, scantrons, etc.)
  • Complete instructions for the proctor must be provided in writing and must accompany the exam. Procedures conveyed by the examinee will not be accepted.
  • Exams must be administered in one session either timed or untimed. Proctor will be recording beginning and end time but will not time subsections of the exam.
  • Proctors will not collect additional materials from examinee, such as  take home tests, homework, projects, papers, registration forms, etc.
  • Proctors will not accommodate requests for unscheduled or "drop-in" exams.
  • Proctor will not interpret testing instructions or assist in a technical manner with online exams.
  • Proctor cannot guarantee that technical problems or incompatibility will not occur with the student's online exam and the Testing Center Computers.
  • All necessary test materials are to be supplied by the originating institution and must accompany the exam.  This includes examinee information sheets, answer sheets, prepaid return envelopes, etc. 
  • The student or institution must prepay for courier or overnight return services and provide all necessary supplies.  Please plan accordingly!
  • Faxed tests will not be accepted

Information your school or institution may need:

Contact Information
Testing Center Pecos Campus
Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Coyote Center - Second Floor
2626 East Pecos Road
Chandler, Arizona  85225-2499
Telephone: 480.732.7159
Fax: 480.732.7241
Email: testing@cgc.edu

Guidelines for examinees:

  • It is the responsibility of the examinee to contact the originating school to order tests, to make sure that the test materials have arrived prior to the test date, and to follow up on any instructions regarding clarification
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of the CGCC Testing Center by relinquishing all electronic devices including cell phones, laptops, PDAs and tablets. Students cannot use their own personal electronic devises in the Testing Center.
  • Current photo ID issued by school, city/state/federal government is required (ID without photo or issued by companies such as banks or gyms, check cashing or membership cards, will NOT be accepted)
  • Examinee is required to create a student account through my.maricopa.edu.  A student ID will be issued and utilized for payment purposes
  • There is a proctoring fee.  Prior to the exam session an invoice will be printed for payment at the College Business Services.  Fees may be paid by cash, check, or money order (payable to CGCC) or credit/debit card.
  • Allow extra time for checking in and out, paying any fees and completing any necessary paperwork required by your school or institution.  Exams will be collected 15 minutes prior to close of business.  If the exam is to be copied or faxed or any other processing is required, the exam will be collected prior to the close of business
  • Call 480.732.7159 or email testing@cgc.edu for additional information.

Faculty Instructions


Click here to go to inside.cgc.edu to click on the Instruction/Make-up Test Request Form link located on the right hand side of the page.
Note:  If you have a student with special needs and they are not registered in the Disability Resources and Services Office, please contact 480.857.5188.

Make-Up Exams and Online Course Testing

  • Services extended only for students who may have missed an exam due to extenuating circumstances such as death in family, illness, etc. or who are taking a hybrid or online course.
  • We cannot accommodate retests/retakes of exams/tests.
  • We do not provide grading of exams.
  • We do not collect and/or distribute homework/handouts.
  • Remind students they are responsible to provide their own supplies: scantron, calculators, pencils/pens, etc.
  • Students will need to present a current picture I.D. and their 8-digit student I.D. number.
  • Students will need to provide course and instructors name (PSY101, John Smith).
  • Please provide enough copies of the exam.
  • Please put your name and course number on your exams.
  • Please visit Hours/Location for current hours of operation and last check-in times.

Disability Related Testing Accommodations

  • Students needing ADA special accommodations for testing must be registered with Disability Resources Services (DRS) office prior to testing
  • Testing for ADA special accommodations will be coordinated through the DRS office prior to the test.  Current documentation must be on file in the Testing Center.
  • Students must make an appointment for special accommodations testing.  Students are encourage to schedule their appointments at least 1-2 weeks in advance.
  • Testing hours will be determined based on the student's special accommodations needs.
  • All testers ARE REQUIRED to present valid and current picture identification before testing

Classroom Support

All Make-Up Exams, Online Courses and Disability Related Special Accommodations testing is coordinated by the instructor with the Testing Center.  Students should contact their instructors to ensure that arrangements have been made prior to arriving at the Testing Center.

  • Services extended only for students who may have missed an exam due to extenuating circumstances such as death in family, illness, etc. or who are taking a hybrid or online course. We cannot accommodate retests/retakes of exams/tests.
  • All testers ARE REQUIRED to present valid and current picture identification before testing
  • Do not forget your 8-digit student ID number
  • Please provide the class (i.e. MAT121) and the instructor name (Jane Smith)
  • Tests and instructions must be submitted by instructors prior to taking the test at the Center
  • Students are responsible for providing their own pencils/pens, scantron form, calculators or any other item allowed by the instructor
  • If your test requires the use of a computer, you may walk-in during hours of operation at the Pecos campus, however, computers are limited. 
  • Most Pecos exams are proctored on a walk-in basis, however, we recommend you visit our locations and hours tab for last check-in times or determine if you are required to schedule an appointment. 
  • All Williams exams are proctored by appointment. View Options Below. 
  • The Testing Center does not accept or distribute homework assignments
  • Testing is dependent upon available seating within the Testing Center during normal business hours.  Please see Hours/Locations for current hours of operation and last check-in times. Please plan accordingly.

INSTRUCTOR INSTRUCTIONS for Classroom Support Testing