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 Veterans Services

Enrollment Certification

Once you have submitted all required paperwork to the CGCC Veterans Services Office your enrollment certification will be submitted electronically to the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Processing Center in Muskogee, OK. This will be done within two business days. Processing time on the VA's end is approximately 30 days from the day the Department of Veterans Affairs receives your paperwork, usually slightly less for continuing students.

You will only be certified for classes required for your program of study. The VA will not pay for repeated courses if the grade already earned is acceptable for graduation requirements or if the courses are elective courses in excess of those needed to meet graduation requirements. This restriction includes transfer credit.

Prior Credit

The VA requires that you have all prior college credit AND your military transcript evaluated by CGCC and credit awarded where applicable, whether or not you used VA benefits to earn the prior credit. It is your responsibility to order official transcripts from ALL colleges previously attended and your military transcript, and to request that CGCC evaluate those transcripts. See CGCC Transcripts page for required steps.

You are allowed a two-semester grace period to have all of your transcripts sent to CGCC and to request they be evaluated. Per VA rules, CGCC Veterans Services will not certify your enrollment to the VA beyond that grace period.

Information on ordering your military transcript is available here.

Concurrent Enrollment

When receiving VA Educational Benefits, you may be concurrently enrolled at more than one school during the same semester, but all classes must apply to one school's degree program. The college which offers the degree you are seeking is considered your "parent school". If CGCC is your parent school and you are taking classes at another institution which certifies students for veterans benefits, please notify the CGCC Veterans' Services Office. You will need to complete the Parent School Letter form