Graduation Etiquette 2012
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Graduation Etiquette

2015 updated information coming soon!

Graduation is the most formal college event.
Graduation is held outdoors in May. We recommend the following for you and your family.
  • Dress: Graduates must wear a cap and gown. Please dress for warm weather, light weight but nice clothes. Wear comfortable shoes that will work well on grass, stairs and hard surfaces. 
  • Photographs: There will be a class picture and a photographer on site​ to take pictures that you can purchase later from the web site.
  • Programs are free to all family members and guests.
  • Each graduate will receive a graduate's bag with alumni information and gifts.
  • Families will be sitting on chairs on the grass so we recommend comfortable shoes that won't sink in the grass.
  • Children are always welcome to the event, but please try and be respectful of this formal evening. You are welcome to bring things for the children to play with quietly at their seats.
  • Special needs: Families with wheelchairs or other accommodations should call 480.732.7322 to make special arrangements.
  • There will be free water on site for the event due to the heat.
  • Please turn off all electronic devices for this event.