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 Student Life & Leadership


Student Life Resource Request Form

This form to request any resources needed from the Office Student Life and Leadership. This may include ice chests, helium, A-Frames, or any other misc. needs.  You may also use this form to request space within the Student Life Area (SC 100, SC 103, SC 112, SC 113).

All clubs must use this form to request space regardless of locations.
Submit requests to Student Life (SC 101) or

​"Blue Sheet" Facilities Request Form

Once your space has been reserved, submit the "Blue Sheet" to the Resource Management office ( 

Include any set up information including tables, chairs, garbage cans, etc...  It is also helpful, and suggested, to include a drawn diagram of your set up with the "Blue Sheet."

Turn in this form at least two weeks in advance. Facilities will not set your space if they have not received this form.

Clubs may submit the Blue Sheet to Student Life, and we will email a copy to rooms in your behalf.

Official Function Form

This form allows MCCCD employees and student organizations to properly document expense decisions for activities or items that are subject to the MCCCD Administrative Regulation on Official Functions.

For more information contact

Official Function Form

Club Formation Packet

Ready to create a new club on campus?  This packet will give you all the information needed to get your new club up and running. 

If you are a current club looking for the CLUB RENEWAL forms, contact KT Campbell.

If you have any questions regarding starting a new club or any current clubs, contact KT Campbell (480) 857-5524 or

Field Trip Forms

If you are representing Chandler-Gilbert Community College off-campus, a field trip form is required. 

Academic Field Trips must be approved by a Division Chair and the VP of Academic Affairs or designee (current designee is Dean Maria Wise).
Student Affairs Field Trips must be approved by the VP of Student Affairs or designee (current designee is Mike Greene).
Please keep the student field trip packets and the Faculty field trip packets together.
Faculty Initiating the trip will be required to make two copies of the Student Emergency Information Form.  One copy will be given to College Safety prior to the trip and one copy will be taken on the trip by the faculty. These copies will be made by the Office of Student Life and Leadership in the case of a Student Affairs trip.
All originals will be stored in the Office of Student Life and Leadership.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Student Life at 480.732.7104 or

Campus Grounds Use

Welcome to Chandler-Gilbert Community College.  If you are interested in setting up a table in one of our solicitor areas on campus, please fill out and submit one of the following applications to

  • Non-MCCCD Affiliated User (Vendor)
    • Any non-MCCCD-affiliated entity that would, on the premises of any Maricopa Community College or Center, purport to sell or promote any product, service, or idea, but does not include such an entity that would enter the premises for the purposes of promoting, opposing, or soliciting petition signatures in connection with any political candidate or initiative, or referendum ballot.
  • Low-Impact, Non-Commercial Activity
    • Defined as 1) activities that do not seek to sell or promote a product or service for direct or indirect financial gain; 2) activities that are limited to gatherings of five people or less at any given time; and 3) activities that do not involve machinery, temporary structures, tables, chairs, displays, or electronic equipment, including amplifiers, or the distribution of food products.
  • Voter Registration and Petitioners
    • An entity that would enter the premises for the purposes of promoting, opposing, or soliciting petition signatures in connection with any political candidate or initiative, or referendum ballot.
  • University Transfer Institutions

If you are unsure which form to use, fill free to contact Student Life at 480.732.7104 or

Please remember, in contrast to traditional public forums such as a public square, park, or right of way, Maricopa's campuses are dedicated by law to the purpose of formal education. They are, and have been since their creation, for the use and benefit of prospective and enrolled students, the Maricopa employees who serve them, and those who are invited to campus by members of the College community to attend or participate in sponsored events. The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) has a long history of regulating the time, place, and manner in which expressive activities are conducted on campuses, for the purposes of avoiding disruption or interference with its educational activities, and protecting the rights of the members of the campus community and their invited guests to express themselves and access information. While members of the general community always have been welcome to share their ideas with the campus community, the are subject to reasonable, content-neutral regulation of the time, place and manner of the event and to the institution's mission-based priorities - including but not limited to the need to provide an environment conducive to teaching and learning.