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 Student Life and Leadership

‚ÄčStudent Public Policy Forum

What is SPPF?

The Student Public Policy Forum (SPPF) is an academic program that provides an overview of local, state, and national public policy making, and citizen influence and involvement. A focus is placed on experiential learning and leadership development through engagement in the public policy process.


Why should I join SPPF?
Through your participation in SPPF you will:
  • Gain confidence and interact with public officials
  • Communicate effectively in a political context
  • Effectively advocate for and with your community
  • Learn the how and why of consensus building
  • Develop and refine leadership skills

SPPF is also a lot of fun! You will make new friends from each of the ten Maricopa Community Colleges who share your passion for making a difference.

Program Requirements

No prior political experience is necessary for participation in the Student Public Policy Forum. Students form all the backgrounds, majors, and experiences are encouraged to apply. We value the unique contribution each student brings to SPPF, and especially appreciate a positive attitude, willingness to learn, and respect for others. Because of the academic nature of the program ENG 101 is a pre-requisite. A political science class is highly recommended so that students who apply will have a basic foundation of government and its processes. This is not, however, a pre-requisite.
SPPF meets every Friday for an entire academic year.
What is the Purpose of the Program?
The Student Public Policy Forum (SPPF) provides students with learning opportunities that allow them to become educated and involved citizens. It gives them up close experience of how government works. Students will have an opportunity to meet with state legislators in the Fall. The program culminates in the Spring with travel to Washington, D.C., where students have the opportunity to meet with members of Congress and their staff on higher education issues that matter to them.
Does this Program Fit into the Priorities of Maricopa Community Colleges?
The program teaches civic responsibility, which is one category within Maricopa's mission statement. The district's Center for Civic Participation oversees the SPPF program and other activities that enhance teaching and learning through the development of civic skills.
How Do Students Choose the Issues They Bring to Congressional Offices?
Students participating in the program are instructed to choose a federal higher education issue that they care about; research the subject in depth; and prepare a brief presentation. Students then work to reach consensus on the most important issues to discuss with congressional staff in D.C. Students are never asked to present on a topic that makes them uncomfortable. It's all part of teaching them about legislative process and the skills for effective advocacy.
Who can I contact for more information?
Mike Greene
Director of Student Life and Leadership, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
(480) 732-7146
The Center for Civic Participation, Maricopa Community Colleges